Remote Session

Initial Remote Pediatric Session (90 min)

Includes comprehensive health history, medical intuitive reading, acupoint and herbal prescriptions, and treatment plan development.

During this initial session, Robin will do a comprehensive health history and create a treatment plan for your child. She will also show you how to do auriculotherapy and acupoint stimulation at home to support healing. Robin will intuitively read your child's energy meridians and clear any emotional or physical blockages remotely. After your session, she'll send you a written treatment plan including acupressure, dietary changes, herbs, and supplements.


Remote Session Follow Up (60 min)

In-depth session that covers lab results, energy clearing, intuitive medical reading, and new acupoint or herbal prescriptions

A 60-minute session allows more time together to review laboratory results, do a medical intuitive reading or energy clearing as needed. Robin can also prescribe herbal or supplement support to address current or new health issues.


5 Package of Remote Pediatric Sessions

1 Initial Session + One 60-minute Session + Three 30-minute Sessions