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Robin Ray Green's Chinese Medicine Classes for Parents


Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to heal your child's allergies instead of just managing the symptoms? When you get instant access to Allergy Remedies for Kids that Really Work, you'll learn the step-by-step system for healing the underlying cause of allergies using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the medicine wheel model. The time to heal allergies is BEFORE your child is symptomatic, so don't delay! Sign up today!

Learn to Treat Your Kid's Cough Naturally


Join over 45,000 parents using Chinese Pediatric massage to help their child’s cough and boost immunity. In just minutes you can start massaging your child back to health! The Stop Cough Guide & Massage Video provides you step-by-step guidance in treating your child's cough with a blend of traditional Chinese medicine, massage, essential oils, and home remedies. It's is unlike anything you'll get at the doctor's office, and it's way more effective than over-the-counter medicine! 

Robin Ray Green's Chinese Medicine Classes for Parents


During this One Hour Class You Will Learn: How to improve your child’s diet with just 3 simple changes that will have the biggest impact on their health. How to use a step-by-step process to overcome make the changes hardly noticeable for your child. And, Chinese medicine tips for improving digestion and supporting proper absorption of foods.

Robin Ray Green's Chinese Medicine Classes for Parents


What do symptoms like hyperactivity, irritability, sleep issues, chronic runny nose, stomachaches, constipation, frequent illness, allergies, and asthma all have in common? Come find out the role food plays in these issues. Don't let the fear of changing your child's diet stop you from healing the root of the problem. Robin will show you her step-by-step plan for gently easing your child into changing her diet without tears or tantrums.

The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Happy Healthy Kids


Isn't it time to stop managing the symptoms and start healing the underlying cause of your child's health issue? Learn how to use the ancient wisdom of the 5-Elements to find simple solutions to modern day health and behavioral issues. Fun questionnaires and quizzes will help you discover your child's 5-Element type - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water - so you can create a natural healing program as unique as your child. 

Available to U.S.  Residents only.

Everything you need to get started & heal your child's allergies from the inside out.


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could heal the root cause of your child's allergies instead of just managing the symptoms?

You CAN! With the Allergy Remedies that Really Work Bundle!

This Bundle includes three classes plus a couple bonus videos to help you with your healing journey!

  • Allergy Remedies for Kids that Really Work!
  • Food Sensitivities 101: How to Eliminate Common Foods that are Making Your Child's Symptoms Worse
  • 3 Simple Dietary Changes That'll Have the Biggest Impact on Your Child's Health

Plus, you get extra allergy tips from Robin and the pediatric wellness massage video & acupressure guide.