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Healing Children in the Unwellness Gap

I know it won't surprise you that the one-size-fits-all approach of Western medicine falls short for many kids. Millions of children fall into the Unwellness Gap(TM) because they’re not totally sick, but they’re not totally well, either. They … [Read More...]

VIDEO: Healing Nature Deficit Disorder in Kids with Sean Guinan

  Show Notes: Q: What is Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD)? A:  There are a constellation of symptoms that occur when children and adults are removed from nature.  It can manifest as physical, mental, behavioral, emotional, or spiritual … [Read More...]

VIDEO: The Truth About Herb Safety for Kids with Cara Frank

  Video Notes: Q: How do we know the herbs we are giving our kids are safe? A: We only purchase from companies who test for bacteria, pesticides and metals, molds fungus, etc. We also do a visual ID and make sure they are good quality and … [Read More...]

Reigniting the Passion & My 1st Virtual Mentoring Circle

Last week I returned from the Integrative Fertility Symposium (IFS) in Vancouver, BC where I was one of the speakers! It is so awesome that IFS is now including a new pediatric tract and even more awesome that so many acupuncturists were … [Read More...]