3 Telehealth Webinar Replays
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Learn how to maximize your efforts to book telehealth clients and build a hybrid practice

Telehealth Replay #1: 

5 Common Mistakes that Cost Acupuncturists Bookings! 

After speaking with hundreds of acupuncturists about telehealth and online business,  I found was that there were 5 common mistakes most acupuncturists were making that impacted their bookings.

In this replay, I share what those mistakes are and what can be done instead, so you can provide virtual services your patients will want whether there's a lockdown or not!

Telehealth Replay #2
2 Techniques to Elevate Your Telehealth Visits
with Robin Ray Green & Tiffany Powers

Want to power up your telehealth sessions to boost your results? Learn about two techniques, AcuPatching™ and ThetaHealing®, and how you can integrate these techniques into your sessions to create a powerful treatment help your patients remotely.

Telehealth Replay #3 :
How to Book More Patients & Reinvent Your Practice to Thrive with Robin, Suzy, Caitria & Devon

Now is the perfect time to re-envision your practice & incorporate telehealth into your business. Maybe you've wanted to do this and haven't had the time or urgency until now.

For many acupuncturists, hybrid practices can actually work better and create more work-life balance. We'll share the secrets for successfully incorporating telehealth into your practice and how to avoid mistakes that will leave you wondering why no one is booking sessions.

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This today 2-day workshop will help you get clarity on the right online services for your business, create your 90-day plan to create and launch your next service and give you all the details you need to get started!

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