5-Element Typing Made Easy





Working with kids is easier when you know their element... 

4 CEUs/PDAs in CA and NCCAOM

Do You Know Your Patient's 5-Element Type?

It's the Simplest Way to Create More Ease in Your Treatments

When you know a child's unique five element make-up you unlock a treasure trove of information that guides your entire patient encouter. It will inform how you interact with your patient and help you formulate the right treatment plan.

You'll be able to better guide the parents so they understand their child's temperament, strengths, challenges, motivations and even what illnesses he or she is prone to. 

What's even more amazing is being able to identify a child's Element and describe the child to the parent on the first visit. Parents are always in awe when you've got their child spot on! It helps you quickly build trust and rapport.

Wood or Five for Five Element Typing

Sometimes it's not so easy to determine a child's Elemental type.

If you've ever felt perplexed by a child's seemingly dual nature, you're not alone. Usually you can narrow down a child's Element to two: the Dominant Element and Influential Element.

Combined, the Dominant and Influential Elements are uniquely expressed in each child.  The unique Elemental expression makes it hard to determine which Element is dominant, but with the right guiding questions you can easily determine which is which.

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

  • 50 Minute Webinar: Pediatric Five Element Typing Webinar 
  • Photo Illustrated eGuidebook with detailed Element descriptions of each Element along with tables and charts 
  • The Five Element Questionnaire & Guide to give to your patients to help with the evaluation process
  • Five Element Evaluation Form - to help you determine the child's dominant and influential Elements
  • 4 PDAs/CEUs for California and NCCAOM. You must first watch the webinar, read the guide and then take the quiz and pass with a score of 70% or great.
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Approved for 4 CEUs/PDAs from the following organizations:

California Acupuncture Board



About Robin Green, L.Ac., MTCM

Robin Green is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and a leading expert in the field of pediatric acupuncture. She holds a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, CA and has over thirteen years clinical experience helping children heal using Chinese medicine.  Robin founded the Center for Advanced Acupuncture Pediatrics, which provides premier pediatric acupuncture training worldwide. An up-and-coming Hay House author, her first book, Heal Your Child from the Inside Out, was published October, 2016.