Pediatrics Mentorship
with Robin Ray Green

Having a great mentor makes ALL the difference when it comes to leveling up your skills, confidence and practice!

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You're here because you feel called to work with kids!

But it's tough growing your pediatric practice when you're not feeling totally confident yet. That's where mentorship can help!

Mentorship is a great for for acupuncturists that are committed, resourceful, and ready to take action.  It's ideal if you know you want to make a difference in the lives of children in your community, but you're unsure of where to start or how to get parents on board.

Robin will guide you in the most effective way to build your pediatric practice and be there to answer all your questions along the way. She'll help you get outside your comfort zone and take the right actions to fill your schedule with your ideal pediatric patients.

Robin Offers Several Mentoring Options:

Once a year Robin you can join the Pediatric Healing Arts Mentorship Program. A group and private coaching program for graduates of Pediatric Essentials that are ready to become the "go to" experts in their area.

She also offers private mentoring sessions year round to help you with practice building, case support, and overcoming obstacles to growing a thriving family or pediatric practice. Priority email support is also included with your mentoring sessions. 

Have Questions?

Feel free to contact us at (408) 776-0420 or email us at

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    “Before being in Robin's mentorship program, I could count on ONE hand the number pediatric patients I'd treated in my 7 years of practice. Since starting her program, I've been seeing 4-6 pediatric clients a week! Thanks to this program I've taken passion and added confidence - and that's a POWERFUL and unstoppable combination. The training in Robin's mentorship program is so practical I could implement what I learned the next day. The group forum was so helpful and supportive it was like having an entire team of pediatric specialists right there to support you.”

    Balanced Health Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic

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    “I have gained more confidence just from Robin's gentle encouragement and the approach she takes with her students and patients. She openly shares her wealth of knowledge and experience. I'm so very happy to have lifetime access to the training materials she offers.”

    Quest Acupuncture & Massage

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    “Being mentored by Robin gave me the tools I really needed to tell patients and friends that I am a pediatric acupuncturist. She gave me the motivation to make changes in my practice that I'd been wanting to do for a while. Since being in her mentoring program, I now see more pediatric patients, have increased my prices to a place where I feel valued, and have gotten a new website (that stresses I'm a pediatric specialist). I even did my first online nutrition cleanse with my patients!”

    Nourished Point Acupuncture

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    “Robin's mentoring program helped me to release my energetic blockages around receiving abundance. Her program has really helped me move my practice forward in the way I was really wanting to. I went from ONE lonely paying pediatric patient to having 6-8 pediatric patients per week. Word of mouth is finally spreading and I'm happy to say I'm busy enough now I can hire a marketing person to help me with my newsletters and promotion.”

    Iyashi Wellness