4 Things You Absolutely Need to Know

to Successfully Treat Kids?

Now that you’ve decided to work with kids you’re wondering where to start, right? You need to fill the gaps in your training so you can confidently treat kids in your practice.  Most acupuncturists feel this way when they branch into pediatrics.  Programs are currently being developed to address the growing need for post-graduate pediatric acupuncture training.

Pediatrics is a specialty that requires dedication, focus and special skills because kids aren’t just little adults.  They have distinct needs and they’re not always easy to work with.  It takes flexibility, patience and a genuine love for kids in order treat them, especially when they’re sick.  It can also be a VERY rewarding and inspiring part of your career.

To help you get started I’ve listed the four main things you need to know to develop your skills.  This is by no means a comprehensive list.  If you really want to specialize in pediatrics, you’ll need to go even deeper into the steps I’ve listed here.  I also highly recommend that you train under an experienced pediatric acupuncturist.

# 1: How to Work with Other People's Kids


It's one thing to treat your own kiddos at home, but an entirely different situation treating someone else's child in your clinic. It’s helpful to see how a seasoned pediatric acupuncturist works with kids. 

It’s important to know the ins and outs of working with babies, kids and teens… like how to get them to try acupuncture if they’re reluctant. Or what else you can use to treat them with if needles just aren’t going to work! Or what to do if they misbehave? Or how to handle things if the parents don't follow your treatment plan?

It takes practice, practice, practice!  The more kids you see the easier it will become to work with them.


#2: Pediatric TCM Theory, Diagnosis, and Herbs

You already have a solid foundation in theory and diagnosis, but there are some critical differences in pediatrics that you need know, like… the most common organs that are deficient in children or how to tap into the developing meridian system.

You’ll want to review the most common conditions you’ll treat children for:

  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Chronic Low Immunity
  • Digestive Problems
  • Acute Conditions: fever, cough, ear infections, colds

Pediatric Herbal Formulas

Not all herbs are safe for children.  You need to know which herbs you can safely prescribe to kids.  You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the main pediatric herbal formulas developed for kids.

#3: Western Perspectives in Pediatrics


Understanding the most common medical protocols in pediatrics will help you predict what medications or treatments your patients are on and why.  You can then write reports and collaborate with your patient’s pediatrician.  Your western medicine knowledge will help you work together with your patient’s doctor and provide the best possible care.

Branching into modern functional medicine is also extremely helpful in treating kids so you can address common problems such as food allergies, food sensitivities and leaky gut.  There are simple tests that can be done to see how a child is reacting to and digesting their food.  These tests will help you formulate a targeted healing program.

Physical Exam

It’s vital to hone your physical examination skills. If you suspect an ear infection you need to know how to check your patient’s ears or listen to their lungs if they have a cough.

Red Flags

You need to know what you can safely treat with acupuncture and when you should refer your patient to their pediatrician for care.

#4: Pediatric Nutrition & Special Diets


Nutrition is at the core of pediatric health.  You need to know what children should be eating and avoiding because it’s central to every treatment plan.  You’ll need to research special diets, like GFCF and GAPS, so you know when to recommend them and how to help parents implement them.

Where Do You Get This Pediatric Acupuncture Training?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  

Pediatric Essentials Online Course gives you EVERYTHING you need to start confidently treating kids.  It’s a step-by-step course that teaches you the  Essential Pediatric Training (#1 – 4) so you can treat kids and the most common health problem they suffer from.  The course is set up in bite-sized modules so you can train at home, at  your own pace with me as your guide!

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