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Combine the power of acupuncture and the benefits of light therapy patches to safely and effectively address symptoms without needles.  A revolutionary modality you can use remotely and in your clinic. 

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Hundreds if not thousands of studies have been conducted that are helping us understand the physiological mechanisms and beneficial effects of acupoint stimulation. I saw the benefits all the time in my clinic and in the remote sessions I have with my clients. Whether I'm using acupuncture needles or phototherapy (low-level light therapy) IT WORKS!

My waiting list is proof of that!

But, I'm super excited to share Phototherapy patches are an added modality you can use to stimulate acupuncture points without needles. It's perfect for working with your clients remotely.

If you're curious to know what else you can do to help your patients - something that doesn't involve needles and can work on your patient for 24 hours after their visit with you, then you need to check out phototherapy. 

It's a new technology that uses phototherapy (low level light therapy) on acupuncture points to elicit specific biological responses - without putting any chemicals or substances into the body. This technology, initially developed for the military, simply initiates the body's innate healing mechanisms.

Intrigued, but skeptical, I tried it myself and noticed significant improvements in my energy, stamina and sleep. The results have been nothing short of incredible!

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Watch the Video Below to Learn How it Works

Advantages of Joining Robin's Lifewave Team

When you join my Lifewave team, you'll get the support you need to successfully integrate light therapy patching into your practice from someone who's already done it. It will reinvigorate your practice as your patients start getting results!

It also opens the door to being able to treat your patients remotely. Whether that means giving them patches to use between visits or while on vacation. Or for helping them via remote consultations.

You'll be a part of a growing community with a special member's area that includes:

  • Free mini-courses
  • Handouts for patients
  • Protocols
  • Business advice

For those that sign up with a Silver Enrollment Kit or Above, they'll get a 45-minute consultation. And those that sign up right now with an Enrollment Starter Kit or Bronze Kit, they'll get the 45-minute consultation whenever they upgrade, even if it's weeks later.

 I recommend starting with a combination of  Ice Wave, Energy Enhancer, Glutathione, and Aeon patches. Those are the patches that are most popular with acupuncture patients. If you have questions or need more help, feel free to call or  text met at (208) 407-1989.

Helpful Hints when Enrolling:

When you enroll, be sure to select "build left" and then when you select your patches, remove the X39 patches from your cart and add in the patches of you choice

Harness the Phototherapy on Acupuncture Points

Phototherapy has been around for over 100 years. It's very well researched and the benefits are numerous. Low level light therapy is very safe and will not cause any damage to the skin - in fact it does just the opposite!

There are over 70 studies measuring the physiological improvements Lifewave patches activate such as reductions in pain, swelling, and inflammation. It also helps support immunity, digestion, energy, sleep quality, stress adaptation, wound healing, skin and wrinkles. Check out the science here.

The results are consistent with what I've seen with acupuncture and phototherapy devices, but now it's available for use at home! 

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