The Success Blueprint 

for Acupuncturists Starting Online Services or Classes &  Creating Multiple Income Streams

A 2-Day Workshop on Saturday & Sunday, November 14 & 15th

8 am - 11 am PT/ 11 am to 2 pm ET

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Create Multiple Income Streams

Do you want to create another income stream by offering services or classes online?

  Are you feeling burned out from clinical practice? Do you want to find a way to leverage your time and expertise? Are you ready to stop trading time for dollars?

Many acupuncturists are struggling with these issues...

  • They want to book more telehealth sessions
  • They're stressed about having only one income source
  • Building an online business seems overwhelming
  • They want to have more time and work/life balance
  • They want to create classes or group programs
  • They want to build more streams of revenue

What you need is a blueprint! One that helps you create virtual services or classes that help more people 

 You will walk away from this weekend workshop with a solid plan to launch your online services or classes that will help your patients and create another stream of revenue! You'll have what you need to withstand another lockdown and thrive when life gets back to the new normal!

1. Discover the Possibilities for Creating An Online Service or Class

Our guest experts will share their online business strategies that has been successful for them! You'll have a bigger vision of what is possible beyond your acupuncture practice!

2. Determine Your Next Online Project that's Right For Your Business  

There are so many options, where should you focus your energy? Classes? Programs? Telehealth? You'll be guided to select the right service or program that aligns with your practice, patients and passions!

3. Customize Your Blueprint & Launch Strategy

Help your patients understand the transformation you offer through your virtual services. You'll be guided to create step-by-step action plan for launching your next service.


"Robin helped me get SO much clarity with my online meditation business. Once I defined the transformation my clients get from my program, I was able to position it so it connects with my ideal audience!  I was able to explain my process so clearly to someone I just met that he wanted to work with me even before my website and program were ready!"


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How to Get Your Customized Blueprint

Register for Robin's 2-day workshop where you'll learn how to find revenue in your business, find the match for your next online offering, and develop a launch strategy to attract sales from your ideal customers.

Step 1:

Sign Up for the Workshop

Sign up now and get a head start on setting up your next virtual service. You'll have the option to sign up a VIP session if you want extra coaching and support.

Step 2:

Attend & Create Your Blueprint

We'll spend a little over 2 hour each day workshopping your blueprint from finding money in your practice to figuring out and launching your next virtual service or program.

Step 3:

Bring Your Project into Reality

Now that you have your blueprint it's time to schedule it into your calendar and take action! You'll have the option for additional group coaching to help you launch your next offering.

Learn from someone who's actually created a successful online business!

Robin headshot 2020.png

I understand what it's like to want to start an online business from scratch! Without the right guidance you can feel like you're spinning your wheels. It can be frustrating when you're not getting the results or sales you expected. 

I've created numerous online programs for patients, consumers, and practitioners and I've repeatedly made 5-figure launches from my programs, creating a 6-figure revenue stream. I know what it takes to launch a successful program in the acupuncture industry. I'll help you avoid the common mistakes that practitioners make that are costing them! You'll walk away with what you need to get started.

This workshop is perfect for pediatric and family acupuncturists that are coachable and committed to adapting to the new normal where an online business is a necessity.

It will be particularly helpful for acupuncturists that:

  • Are struggling to book telehealth sessions

  • Feel stuck with building their online business
  • Want to be prepared to transition to virtual services if there's another lockdown
  • Want to offer more online classes or group programs
  • Are looking for ways to diversify their business and build multiple income streams

It is not for those: 

  • Looking for a "get rich quick" scheme
  • Want someone else to do it all for them
  • Unwilling to take action

There will be a recording, but it is best if you can be there LIVE! You'll get the most out of the works if you can make the time to come to the live event.

Workshop Pricing

You have two options to get started, if you'd like more coaching about your practice be sure to sign up for VIP.

Workshop Access


You'll get access to the entire workshop and its recording. You'll walk away with a playbook that will work for your practice.

$257 or 2 payments of $130

Most popular

VIP with Extra Coaching


Both Saturday and Sunday, you'll get an additional hour of group coaching immediately after the main workshop. There will be hot seats and time to get your specific questions answered.

$357 or 3 payments of $120

As an acupuncture expert, you shouldn’t be limited to earning revenue solely from your clinic.

Any acupuncturist can leverage their time and expertise to create multiple streams of income to help more people, have more impact, and create financial security through online business offerings.

Sign up for the workshop today!