Exploring Pediatric Acupuncture & Non-Needle Tools

It’s Pediatric Tool Time! 

In this video, I share my favorite acupuncture and non-needle tools for kids. I also unveil a tool that hasn’t hit the U.S. market yet and talk about how to increase your effectiveness of any tool you use!


Tools Used:

Lhasa OMS

Acurea USA

Miridia Tools

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5 Steps to Improving Your Pediatric Skills in One Year

Are you looking to improve your pediatric skills this year?

If you follow the five simple steps laid out in this blog post, by the end of the year, I promise you will feel great about what you’ve accomplished!

By improving your skills, you’ll be able to better serve your patients with excellence. You’ll be helping some of the millions of kids across the country who can benefit from Chinese Medicine!


When it comes to not just improving, but mastering a skill,…

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4 Strategies for Attracting More Patients

I hope your year is off to a fantastic start.

Are you ready to uplevel your pediatric acupuncture skills? Do you want to help even more kids in 2019?

Kale yeah you do! Me too!

In this week's video, I share the 4 main strategies my team and I are using to attract the type of patients we LOVE to work with!

What type of patients do you want to attract? What conditions do you want to treat more of? Let us know in the comments below.

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Interview with Michael Max: Treating Children with the Five Elements

I was honored to be interviewed by Acupuncturist, Michael Max, on his Qiological podcast show recently.

Michael is a student of acupuncture and Chinese medicine for going on 20 years now. Begining as a curiosity as to how a few needles could not only resolve a stubborn health condition he had since childhood but also improve digestion, quality of sleep and mood.

This led him first to acupuncture school, and then Asia where I worked my way through the gate of Chinese language so I could study w…

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Healing the Unwellness Gap™ Part 3: Diagnosing the Root

Diagnosing the Root

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a tool that could quickly diagnose the root cause of our patient's health problems?

It's not like babies or young children can tell us what's wrong or where the problem is. To make a diagnosis, we're largely relying on our skills in asking the right questions and interpreting what the parents are observing.

Sometimes the tongue will provide clues about the imbalance, but most of the time it doesn't. The pulse is useful, but only for kids ages 8 and up. In my op…

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Pediatric Gua Sha for Allergies, Coughs & Colds with Video

Pediatric Gua Sha for Cough, Allergies, & Immunity

Pediatric Gua Sha or Scraping Massage is effective for treating allergies, coughs, colds, and fever in children. 

It can be used for kids ages 4 and up with a modification to use less pressure. In my experience, I've found that children respond really quickly when I use gua sha in addition to a regular treatment.

Focus on the Upper Back

To treat these conditions focus the gua sha on the Urinary Bladder Channel along the upper back.

To start, be sure to rub a small amount of almond, apricot …

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Healing the Unwellness Gap™ Part 2: Understanding Your Patient's 5-Element Type

What Makes Him Tick_ AP blog post photo

Knowing a child's five element type can be almost magical. 

The other day I was working with a 5-year-old new patient, Billy, and his very exhausted and frustrated mother. Billy's dominant element is Wood and his influential element is Metal. 

If you're not familiar with 5-Element typing, let me tell you that kids with a Wood-Metal make-up are intense! You've got the demanding, high energy, do-it-myself Wood qualities combined with the need for rhythm, routine, fairness of Metal.

When out of …

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Healing the Unwellness Gap™ Step 1: Is your patient yin or yang?

Yin or Yang

Parents will come to you incredibly frustrated with the one-size-fits-all approach of biomedicine. Children in the Unwellness Gap™ are often prescribed medications to manage symptoms but rarely do these medications affect a cure. 

If there's no pill that can help, then the parents are told that their child may outgrow it! Eventually. Hopefully.

Left to figure out how to help their child on their own, most parents find this daunting.

As acupuncturists, we uniquely positioned to help children t…

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Healing Children in the Unwellness Gap


I know it won't surprise you that the one-size-fits-all approach of Western medicine falls short for many kids.

Millions of children fall into the Unwellness Gap(TM) because they’re not totally sick, but they’re not totally well, either. They suffer from frequent illnesses and inflammatory conditions like allergies, asthma, eczema, constipation, stomachaches, sleep problems, anxiety, and hyperactivity. Their problems often warrant repeated visits to doctors and specialists in search of a way to…

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