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Exploring Pediatric Acupuncture & Non-Needle Tools

It’s Pediatric Tool Time! 

In this video, I share my favorite acupuncture and non-needle tools for kids. I also unveil a tool that hasn’t hit the U.S. market yet and talk about how to increase your effectiveness of any tool you use!


Tools Used:

Lhasa OMS

Acurea USA

Miridia Tools

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The Five Element Parenting Class

1Join Robin as she explores how parents can overcome common parenting challenges using the ancient wisdom of the 5-Elements and Get 1.5 CEUs (Approved in California)! At this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Find your own unique parenting style and step out of the “one-size-fits-all” parenting trap
  • How to parent in a way that creates a foundation of trust, compassion, and unconditional love
  • How to overcome common parenting problems while also deepening your relationship with your children
  • Brief overvi…

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Pediatric Acupuncture Roadmap: the Step-by-Step Guide to Success

  Got Your Pediatrics Roadmap?

We're celebrating our 2nd birthday (a little belated due to the book)! It was just over two years ago that I first created because I saw the growing need for more resources and training in pediatrics. I started it because I kept getting questions all the time from acupuncturists who wanted to see more children in their practice. “How can I see more kids?” “How can I supplement what I learned in school?”

But the most common question I'm Asked: “Where do I start?"


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