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Using These "Crazy Ass Magic Patches" to Add Income to Your Acupuncture with Lisa Hanfileti

In this presentation with Lisa Hanifileti you'll learn:

  • The ONE Problem With The Acupuncturist's Business Model
  • The Solution: Diversify Your Income Streams 
  • The 3 Tiers of Adding Online Income to Your Practice
  • Four Different Ways The Patches Can Add Revenue
  • Practical Strategies For Introducing The Patches To Your Patients (Creating Customers)
  • Practical Strategies For Introducing The Patches To Your Colleagues (Creating Customers & Distributors)
  • How To Develop An Action Plan For... Pat…

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Healthy Detoxification without Oral Supplements

Adults and children are increasingly exposed to toxins through the environment, food, water, and vaccines. She wanted to share a simple and safe way you can help your patients detox without destroying their Spleen & Kidney Qi! 

Or making them take a ton of oral supplements or going on a strict diet.

This method is perfect for…

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Part 3: Homecare Tools For Anxiety - VNS via AcuPatching™

GB 12 or TB 17 Acupatching for Anxiety

The research is clear that acupuncture, acupressure, and auriculotherapy can reduce anxiety symptoms and one of the mechanisms for this includes Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS).

In part 3 of the series on homecare tools for anxiety, I will be covering how to induce VNS with phototherapy patching as well as acupoint stimulation with the patches to help reduce anxiety.

If you missed it, you can review our other homecare tools in Part 1 on cranial electrotherapy stimulation and Part 2 on auricular …

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Part 2 Homecare Tools for Anxiety - Auricular Acupressure


The amazing ear helps to manage anxiety at home! 

In part 2 of the series on homecare tools for anxiety, I will be discussing how auricular acupressure using ear seeds is another effective option for helping patients manage anxiety between acupuncture sessions.

Previously, the CES Ultra Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulator, which is clipped to the earlobe, was discussed in Part 1.

Why the Ear? 

It is said in East Asian Medicine (EAM), that the Kidneys "open into the ears" and Kidney Essence nou…

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Part 1: Homecare Tools for Anxiety CES Ultra

Introduction to Homecare Tools for Anxiety

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety rates were high, especially in the United States. Anxiety-related disorders impact nearly 40 million Americans annually and this number has skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic.

The U.S. CDC reports that anxiety affects 7.1% of children aged 3-17 years (approximately 4.4 million). Even prior to the pandemic anxiety rates were on the rise. 

Children in the category of "ever having been diagnosed with eith…

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Advanced Herbal Medicine Formulas for Pediatric Asthma


Millions of children have "steroid resistant" or difficult asthma that doesn't respond to inhaled corticosteroids on montelukast (Singulair).

These children suffer daily and have few options to control their illness! Chinese medicine offers safe, effective solutions when Western medicine isn't enough.

Cara and I will be discussing how Chinese herbal medicine can play in role in easing asthma symptoms and breaking the cycle of frequent illness and asthma.

The three formulas we cover are:

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How to Choose the Right Acupuncture Points for Children

Are you leery of using too few acupoints to get the desired outcome? Or too many and causing an adverse reaction?

How many acupoints should you treat? How many for infants vs. toddlers vs. young children?

If you can't assess tongue or pulse, how do you know which points to use?

I answer all these questions and discuss techniques for determining your point selection so that you feel confident in your treatment!


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Click here to sign up for Pediat…

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The Asthma Unwellness Gap is growing and conventional medicine is failing kids

📈 The asthma Unwellness Gap is growing and conventional medicine is failing kids. One size fits all treatments leave millions of children with few options to control their symptoms. Chinese medicine offers real solutions. 🔑 Let’s talk about what we can do to start helping kids with asthma.

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Tips for Easy, Clear Patient and Parent Education

Is pediatric acupuncture something totally new for most of your patients?

Have you ever had trouble explaining Chinese medicine to them? Have their eyes ever glazed because they’re confused?

Or maybe you're just looking for a simple system to explain what you do that instills confidence? 

That’s what this video all about. 

I'll teach you how to use the 5-Elements to give your patients the 30,000-foot view of Chinese medicine. They'll be able to see how everything their child struggling with is c…

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Creating More Ease & Flow in Your Pediatric Treatments

Easy probably isn't the first word that comes to mind when practitioners think of pediatric acupuncture.

Do you ever find it challenging to work with kids? Is it difficult to manage family dynamics? What about interacting with the different personalities of the parents and their children? 

Are some kids bouncing off the walls while others barely talk to you? Do you have a hard time balancing getting the treatment done while also diagnosing, treating, and prescribing home care?

That's where th…

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