Healthy Detoxification without Oral Supplements

Adults and children are increasingly exposed to toxins through the environment, food, water, and vaccines. She wanted to share a simple and safe way you can help your patients detox without destroying their Spleen & Kidney Qi! 

Or making them take a ton of oral supplements or going on a strict diet.

This method is perfect for…

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Kids Not Infecting Teachers with SARS-CoV-2 Infection Says Latest Duke Study

Kids Not Transmitting COVID

According to an article published in The Journal of Pediatrics, Incidence and Secondary Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Schools, it was found that: 

"In the first 9 weeks of in-person instruction in NC [North Carolina] schools, we found extremely limited within-school secondary transmission of SARS-CoV-2, as determined by contact tracing."

There were also zero cases of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Infections from child to teacher. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the study:⁣

✓ 11 school…

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Anxiety, Depression & Emotional Health Impact Vaccine Effectiveness

Anxiety and Emotional Health Impact Vaccine Effectiveness (2)

Many of our patients will be faced with the decision of whether or not to get the COVID vaccine.

How can we help our patients make the best choice and then provide support to minimize risks? 

There are risks with both choices.

For those who choose to get the vaccine, we want to make sure the patient is psychologically and physically prepared to get the best response while minimizing negative effects. 

A large body of research shows that it's not just about the vaccine but the state of the b…

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Pediatric Acupuncture Featured on the Podcast

Podcast Interview Project Swasthya

Pediatric Acupuncturist Robin Ray Green joins Vaish Sarathy for this enlightening podcast about how acupuncture helps with:

  • chronic inflammatory dysfunction
  • immunity
  • gut health

And more, and acupuncture stimulation is sometimes possible WITHOUT NEEDLES, through a remarkable technique called AcuPatching.

Listen to the Podcast

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Chinese Herbal Strategies for Treating the Stages of Viral Infection


prepared by Anatasia White 

Epidemics are exceptional patterns of chaotic qi and wind; Chinese medical theory was created to respond to the flow of qi and the earth provides the medicines that tonify the immune system and expel wind.

Prophylactic formulas are recommended for daily use plus having an “expel wind” formula for immediate use at the very first symptom experienced. The expel wind formulas are far more effective if taken at the very onset, of viral infection. Take the formula every…

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Clear Home Clear Heart

Every once in awhile a book comes along that I just have to share with everyone I know. This time it's a book on five element energy clearing called Clear Home Clear Heart by my friend Jean Haner. Learning how to do five element energy clearing has had a huge impact on my personal and professional life. If you're a highly sensitive person like me, using the simple techniques in her book can help you create an on/off switch! clear-heart-clear-home2-199x300-normal.jpgIn addition, this clearing work been instrumental in helping my patients…

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My Favorite Pediatric Finds at the 2016 Pacific Symposium


I just got back from the 2016 Pacific Symposium and I had such a great time! Elie and Tova Goldschmidt, the owners of, threw a party for me to celebrate the release of my book and the new Deluxe Kid’s Ear Seed Kit that we put together!  

Deluxe Kids Ear Seed Kit

Ahhhh! This first time I got to see the Kid's Ear Seed Kit!


Me & Kimberly Thompson 


Me & Tova


My Top 5 Pediatric Finds at the Pacific Symposium

I had fun perusing the vendor’s booths and checking out the latest and greatest products!…

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The Baby that Barfed on My Beautiful Brown Chair: A Lesson in Flow


One of the things I talk a lot about in pediatrics is going with the child’s flow. When you connect with a child where they are at (not where the parents are) it makes treatment easy and fun.  Sometimes this means you’re treating the child while they read a book or down on the floor while they’re building a block tower. It’s important to tune into what the child needs to make the treatment fun and easy.  Most of the time I’m pretty good at reading what the child by watching their body language, …

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Get the Pediatric Acupuncture Training You Need to Help More Kids in 2016

MHFW0631 If you've been thinking about seeing more kids in your practice, why not make 2016 the year to do it!   Pediatrics is poised to be the next best speciality in acupuncture.  Now is the time to train and prepare so you can help more kids. I've got some trainings through and ProD Seminars this January to help you out!

Let's Talk Poo: 10 Tips to Help Any Constipated Kid Go.

11 MV9JTUdfNjcwMy5qcGc= Talking poo is never taboo for acupuncturists. In this class I'll discuss 10 ways to help kids go poo when th…

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A Review of 2015 and Our Most Popular Blog Posts


At the end of each year I like to reflect upon and give thanks for all that happened, evaluate what went well and what didn't, and release any expectations, disappointments, and things that didn't come. In this way I can start the next year with a clean slate. As part of this process, I wanted to share a few of the highlights of 2015 with you along with our most popular blog posts.

Let's Start with the Word of the Year

I love summing up a year with one word and for 2015 that word is "productiv…

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