The Solution to Help Kids Swallow Pills Without Gagging

Oraflow Cup

Getting kids to swallow pills is a struggle for so many parents.

The resulting gagging, tears, and resistance can be heartbreaking if not downright frustrating when your child needs to take medicine but can't get it down.

There is a solution... the Oraflow Cup

The Oraflow is a fun cup your child can use that helps them overcome pill swallowing challenges. It kinda looks like a superhero mask with an open mouth at the top of it.

Your child can put their capsule in the straw-like opening, close their lips around it, tilt their head back… ...and then drink! Watch how it works in the video below.

The cup helps distract them from the feeling of having a pill on their tongue, which makes them want to gag.

Also, since the pill is floating in the water, kids will be more likely to swallow it instead - making taking supplements easier for everyone!

Give it a try and let us know how it works in the comments!


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