Using These "Crazy Ass Magic Patches" to Add Income to Your Acupuncture with Lisa Hanfileti

In this presentation with Lisa Hanifileti you'll learn:

  • The ONE Problem With The Acupuncturist's Business Model
  • The Solution: Diversify Your Income Streams 
  • The 3 Tiers of Adding Online Income to Your Practice
  • Four Different Ways The Patches Can Add Revenue
  • Practical Strategies For Introducing The Patches To Your Patients (Creating Customers)
  • Practical Strategies For Introducing The Patches To Your Colleagues (Creating Customers & Distributors)
  • How To Develop An Action Plan For... Patchive Income

How to Get Started with AcuPatching

lLisa Hanifileti Lisa Hanfileti has been practicing acupuncture in Vancouver, WA for over 20 years. She is the creator of Acupuncture Business Academy and the upcoming online course Diversify Your Income Streams: The Acupuncturist’s Guide to Adding Online Income To Your Acupuncture Practice  


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