Healthy Detoxification without Oral Supplements

Adults and children are increasingly exposed to toxins through the environment, food, water, and vaccines. She wanted to share a simple and safe way you can help your patients detox without destroying their Spleen & Kidney Qi! 

Or making them take a ton of oral supplements or going on a strict diet.

This method is perfect for children and sensitive adults. 

What we covered:

  • How to increase blood glutathione with AcuPatching
  • How the Glutathione patch outperforms oral glutathione supplements
  • The little known benefits of carnosine for detoxification
  • How stem cells can help further support detoxification and cellular repair
  • What to do if your patient detoxes too rapidly
  • Safe detoxification for children and sensitive adults


Robin Ray Green 0:47
I'm absolutely delighted to be teaching Accu patching 101 today. Our topic is Healthy Detoxification Without Oral Supplements. And, you know, when I think about detoxification, I think it's so important for it to be a part of our regular routine, whether that's monthly, quarterly, or even annually, because we are constantly exposed to toxins in our environment. And because of that, the toxic burden can just become so much that we start to feel just tired or strange rashes or, you know, issues with our gut can show up. So having a healthy way to detoxify is so important.

Robin Ray Green 2:03
Now, before we get started, I'm just going to share my screen because I have to do all the legal mumbo jumbo, so hang tight, and I will share that with you. And let's see, I had it all set up. See there it is. Okay, can you guys see my screen? Okay? Yep. Okay, good. All right.

Robin Ray Green 2:26
So this webinar is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute medical or nursing advice, and will not take the place of advice of licensed health professionals based on your medical history. And Syntony Wellness Inc, Robin Ray Green, do not assume liability for any information contained in this video. And the information in this webinar has not been evaluated by the FDA. On top of that, you should all know that I am a an Independent LifeWave Distributor. And this webinar is not endorsed or affiliated with LifeWave at all. And so again, it's just stating like, this isn't medical advice and see your own doctor and all of that. So all right, I'm gonna just stop sharing.

Robin Ray Green 3:16
And so really, my heart is in helping children and in helping children, I found that there are a lot of sensitive adults out there. And so what I'm going to talk about today, it's really good for everybody. But it's particularly great for children, for sensitive adults, for someone who's had a recent toxic exposure and the need to detoxify.

Robin Ray Green 3:41
For those of you who aren't familiar, my name is Robin Ray Green. I am a pediatric acupuncture specialist, and I'm the author of the book Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: The 5-Eement Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids. And because of my specialty in pediatrics, it's for me, it's so important to find ways to work with kids that don't involve needles, and don't involve herbs, which you think oh my gosh, that's everything an acupuncturist does. But the reality is there are so many tools and things that you can use beyond acupuncture and herbs, but that can still open up acupuncture meridians that can still, you know, move, stagnant Qi and build blood and all kinds of things that we have so many options. An AcuPatching™ is one of those options.

Robin Ray Green 4:34
And AcuPatching™ is where we are balancing the acupuncture meridians, and the autonomic nervous system using phototherapy patches from a company called LifeWave on very specific acupuncture points, so the products that we're going to talk about at the end do come from a company called LifeWave. If that is something that bothers you or you're not interested in this would be a good time to pop off. But, if you are curious and you want to know more, definitely stay with me today because we're going to cover a lot of information.

Robin Ray Green 5:10
So... When should we detox? I have got my cards here, because I did not create a PowerPoint presentation. So I'm going old school today. And so we should be thinking about detoxing, if you've gone through an illness, right, if you've had an illness, trying to find a good place to put this where it doesn't block my face, if you've had a recent illness, if you've had COVID, if you had, you know, pneumonia, or something, a lot of times we end up taking medications or ibuprofen and things like that. So we might think about it. If you've had a vaccination, a toxin exposure, for instance, like a new couch, or a new rug, or something that you bring into your house that might be off-gassing. And then you might think about detoxification, if a person is having unexplained symptoms, they have symptoms, and we don't understand what what's going on the usual things are not working, you might think about detoxification.

Robin Ray Green 6:13
So I wanted to cover just some detox fundamentals. And when we're thinking about detox, we want to make sure that the following pathways are open your liver, your kidney, your lymph in your intestines. So that's really important for detoxification. And when you're thinking about before you even begin to, to do detoxification, you want to go back to the fundamentals with your patient. And thank you, Lisa, for my old school approach. I was like, how can I make this fun and easy. I love note cards. So here we go. Here they are.

Robin Ray Green 6:50
So the basics... You want to make sure your patients are pooping regularly, if they're really backed up, if they don't poop more than once a day. If they're pooping less than once a day, we need to fix that before we start detoxifying them, because their body will not be able to eliminate toxins as well.

Robin Ray Green 7:08
We want to make sure they're well hydrated. So making sure they've got their water bottle and they're drinking their water. I know it seems so basic, but come on how many patients are like, yeah, you know, I drink like this a day. You know, I drink like 16 ounces of water a day, not enough if you're detoxifying.

Robin Ray Green 7:26
And then we want to make sure that they're getting exercise and sunlight and sweating. Because another way that we detoxify is through sweating. And not everybody has time to go get into an infrared sauna or something like that. They may not have access to that. So simply getting outside and just getting a little exercise, getting a little sweaty can be super helpful. And then what's my last one sunshine, just getting sunshine? That's also I've thinking about this on my drive home from my acupuncture appointment was like, you know, we don't detoxify in the winter because there's no sun, right? I mean, there's sun if you're in California, but but there isn't a lot of sun depending on where you live. So it makes sense that we wait until spring when the sun is out to detoxify because being in the sun will also help us. So let's see. I think I'm missing one. Oh, no. Here we go. All right.

Robin Ray Green 8:23
So one of the ways that we can detoxify is with Glutathione patches, right, this is an additional way that we can support the body by increasing our blood glutathione levels. So for those who aren't familiar, glutathione is the body's master antioxidant. It protects it protects your DNA, it protects your stem cells. It helps with detoxification, and with your immune system. So glutathione is just all around really good, especially during the cold and flu season. But it's especially helpful for detoxification.

Robin Ray Green 9:05
And one of the most common questions I get is, what about when we put this little closer... Glutathione patch versus oral or IV Glutathione? Is there a difference? Is it significant? And let me just get this up there so you can guys can see it. So the patch can raise glutathione levels up to 300%. Okay, within 24 hours. And then oral glutathione can raise your levels up to 40%. But you have to take it twice a day.

Robin Ray Green 9:44
But what's more important is with oral or even IV glutathione. It has a short half life of about seven minutes. So that means let's say you took 80 milligrams of Glutathione (just I'm just randomly throwing it out there) in seven minutes. You're body is has 40 milligrams, and then in another seven minutes, you're down to half of that. So you're down to 20 milligrams. So within about an hour, your glutathione levels spike, and then they come right back down. And it takes about one month of taking oral glutathione to significantly raise your glutathione levels for detoxification.

Robin Ray Green 10:26
Whereas with a patch, you raise glutathione levels very quickly in the body and in about a 24 hour period. And they seem to be sustained in the research s tudies, they that elevated glutathione is sustained over a period of four to five days if you're using it daily.

Robin Ray Green 10:45
So I wanted to show you guys the research on that, so that you could see for yourself, because this is really this is where it gets super interesting. All right, so oral Glutathione, this is a study that was done, it was an open study. So the participants and the researchers knew what was going on. But I love this. I really, really love this graphic here, because this shows that 15 subjects and their baseline Glutathione levels. And as you can see, like some of them started out, you know, between 1660 and between, like 2500 was the startup and within 24 hours, some people went from 2512 to 10,000. So they actually saw a quadrupling of their glutathione levels in just 24 hours. And the reason why the the glutathione levels remain elevated is because the patch is stimulating the body to make its own glutathione. So it's not being taken orally or with an IV, in which case it is then depleted or the half life is so short, your body is actually induced to make it itself. And that elevates your glutathione levels very quickly and maintains them there which is helpful for detoxification.

Robin Ray Green 12:11
Then I have another study here. This one, it shows the average of the glutathione levels, they take a baseline average here. And then they take it at day 16, which is really about day four. In the studies, they've been on it for four days, and you see a significant increase in glutathione, just in those four days. The other interesting piece of this study is that they tested urine mercury levels, to see if that person would excrete more mercury in their urine within the the study period of four days. Well, that while they were having the Glutathione patch, and it was not universal, it wasn't that everybody saw an increase in Mercury, but some people did. By day three, two and day four, they were they had been wearing the patch, they did see increases in mercury output.

Robin Ray Green 13:05
I think this is the one the second one down here where we saw a few people had some bump up either at day two or day four wearing of wearing the patches. So there is research that shows that the patches do elevate it and maintain the elevation [of Glutathione].

Robin Ray Green 13:25
So for detoxification purposes, the patch outperforms an oral Glutathione.

Robin Ray Green 13:33
So the other little known dipeptide that can be used for detoxification is carnosine.

Robin Ray Green 13:42
And carnosine is this dipeptide that's found in the brain, the muscle and the heart. And carnosine helps with heavy metal detoxification in particular. And if you look into the research, if you just go and do a Google search on carnosine, for like carnosine, for neurodegenerative diseases, for epilepsy, for depression, you will find that supplementation with carnosine helps with with many of those conditions that affect the brain.

Robin Ray Green 14:18
So I just want to pause here for a second. Well actually, let's go on. So what exactly is carnosine? So carnitine functions as an antioxidant. It has a neuroprotective effect. It's antiglycating, and glycation is when you get damage to the collagen. And if you've ever followed Dr. Perricone and the Perricone diet, he talks a lot about glycation when you eat sugars and it creates inflammation and those sugars attach to proteins and then it basically destroys your collagen and gives you wrinkles.

Robin Ray Green 14:56
So carnosine has an antiglycation effects on the body, and therefore would prevent wrinkling. And then it also, like I said, it's a heavy metal chelator. So it will help detoxify heavy metals. And in particular carnosine detoxifies aluminum. So it binds to aluminum, it removes aluminum from the brain, and it detoxifies aluminum from the body.

Robin Ray Green 15:29
And this is super important because for children in particular and anyone getting a vaccine, depending on the vaccine that you get, they often use aluminum hydroxide as a preservative in the vaccine. And if you look at the research with children with autism and ADHD, a lot of them have elevated aluminum levels. And it is proposed that they're getting that from their vaccines. So this would be an important thing to think about for your pediatric patients, as far as protecting their brains by helping them to eliminate any aluminum that they may be exposed to.

Robin Ray Green 16:10
In addition, carnosine helps, it has an effect, it improves our brain function, it improves short term and long term memory. And they did test the carnosine patch. And they can back their claims that it does help. Because they did the test on cognitive function and found that those who took the carnitine patch had significant improvements in their cognitive function in just a very short amount of time. Now, we can't say that the carnosine patches can do the exactly the same thing, right. But what we can say is that the patches do, do a few things. Carnosine, they can support healthy brain function, can improve memory, improve muscle strength and endurance and again, has that protective effect for exposure to heavy metals. So we can say that. And I don't have specific studies.

Robin Ray Green 17:16
Unfortunately, they haven't done a study yet on how much the carnosine levels are at, how much serum carnosine levels are raised with the patch versus an oral supplement. But we do know that with the oral supplement, the challenge there is that the oral supplement is broken down in the stomach, the stomach acid breaks it down. So when you take an oral supplement, not as much gets into the bloodstream, whereas with the carnosine patch, you are stimulating the body to make carnosine so it bypasses the digestive system.

Robin Ray Green 17:54
And you have the intact dye peptide which can go about your body and do what it needs to do as an antioxidant as the chelator, and to help with cognition and brain function.

Robin Ray Green 18:08
So those things are those are the two that I really recommend for for people, Glutathione and Carnosine [patches] if you are wanting to support detoxification without supplements.

Robin Ray Green 18:24
So I just wanted to say hi to everybody before we go on to the third one. And if you guys are new, if you've never come to one of these before, let us know in the chat and let us know who sent you here. Because we want to definitely connect with you guys. And also let me know if you have any questions about what we've gone over so far, because I have one more thing to share. And then we'll talk a little bit about sensitivity and and children and safely detoxing with the patches. Okay, so during and after detoxification we want to support I got my fancy pen here, when I got to these ones.

Robin Ray Green 19:09
Wde want to help cellular repair with stem cells, okay? Because if you're going to do the job of getting rid of the toxins, right, those things have been free, creating free radicals in your body. And they're wreaking all kinds of havoc. So then we want to focus on repair.

Robin Ray Green 19:28
And we can do that by increasing our body's innate stem cells. So stem cells support tissue repair, they go to the sites of inflammation and repair the injury there. And then they're also helpful for repairing the gut, the brain and the immune system. Now, I've been listening to some talks by Karen Kan and she talks about that the body has it own wisdom and priority with stem cells and that stem cells will go where they're needed most. So that might be for one person, the gut, another person, they started with the immune system and another person, the brain. So we don't necessarily get to choose where those stem cells go. When we're using the X 39 patch, right, it's either going to go to the brain, the gut, or the immune system, depending on the body's priority.

Robin Ray Green 20:29
And what I find so amazing is that it repairs the gut lining. And when we think about toxicity, one of the ways that we encounter toxins is that our gut permeability is too much, it's excessive. And so toxins are able to pass the gut barrier into the bloodstream and get into our system.

Robin Ray Green 20:50
So if we can use something that actually increases the integrity of the gut and repairs, the tissue lining of the gut, not only are we repairing and helping detox, but then we're preventing toxins from getting into our bloodstream in the future. And I think that's super important to point out. And so the way that we can do that is with the X 39 patch, and the X 39. Patch initiates the body's production of peptide, a copper peptide, called GHK copper.

Robin Ray Green 21:29
And this year, just like a month ago, they released their double blind, randomized randomized control trial RCT, and they found that in the group that got the X39 patch, GHK copper peptide was significantly higher. And GHK copper peptide, as I said, initiates and activates and mobilizes our body's stem cells. And those stem cells will go where they're needed.

Robin Ray Green 22:02
So, the plan would be for the person to potentially use Glutathione, Carnosine, and X39. But before we go get super excited and just put all those patches on someone all at once, we need to make sure that we know how this person detoxifies, and that were really, really safe.

Robin Ray Green 22:27
So my advice is start slow. Do not put all three of those patches on your patient. Unless they have been using the patches before they've used all these patches that have not had any reaction. If the if it's a child, if it's a sensitive person, if they've never used the patches before, you want to just start by patching glutathione first. And to be even more safe, put the patch on a point below the waist. Because this is just wisdom from David Schmidt, the founder of Lightwave. He was saying that people tend to have fewer detoxification reactions if you put the patch on somewhere below the waist so you could use [acupoint] Liver 3, or you could use Kidney 3 if you if you think they need their Kidney pathways opened up.

Robin Ray Green 23:19
So just start below the waist. The other way to start slowly is let's say you put it on Liver 3, maybe you just have them wear it for an hour or two and see how they respond. And then they can reuse the patch again the next day for three or four hours and just gradually increase the amount of time that they wear it until they get to 12 hours, then they work 12 hours on 12 hours off.

Unknown Speaker 23:45
And then

Robin Ray Green 23:47
After they take it off and they are good, you know they're wearing it for a few days for 12 hours and not having any reaction then you could add on a Carnosine patch and go again the same way go slow, go easy, and then eventually introduce the X39 at the end. And then make sure of course you're emphasizing hydration and electrolytes making sure they're, you know, getting outside and moving their body get their lymph flowing. You know it doesn't have to be anything intensive, it just they just need to exercise and hydrate.

Robin Ray Green 24:24
If someone does have a detoxification reaction, then what you want to do is just immediately remove the patch and here's where the patch also is superior to oral supplements. With oral supplements, if you take it It still has a half life, right? You still have to wait for your body to detoxify and to get rid of, to metabolize that antioxidant or the Glutathione or the Carnosine or whatever you're taking.

Robin Ray Green 24:59
Whereas with a patch as soon as you remove the phototherapy stimulation, the body stops making the peptide. So a lot of people will feel so much better within an hour of removing the patch. So from a safety perspective, it's so easy to just remove it, hydrate electrolytes, make sure you get enough electrolytes and you'll be good to go.

Robin Ray Green 25:23
And then, like I said, The other way is making sure you patch the person on an acupuncture point below the waist. And that should help avoid any problems that you have. So this is great for the sensitive people and for kids. Now a note on children, the patches have not been specifically tested in children, okay. However, if a child can talk and tell you how you feel how they feel on the patch, if they feel bad if they have a headache, if they're having some type of detoxification reaction and can tell you, I think it's perfectly safe. On toddlers and infants, you would really want to make sure that you are working with someone who is very closely supervising their child to make sure that if they do have any reactions, they are removing the patches immediately [if they do have a reaction]. And that I would only do it for a short period of time until you're absolutely sure that they aren't having a detoxification reaction.

Robin Ray Green 26:20
And if you're not sure, if you're uncomfortable, don't do it. But given the potential negative effects of a vaccine containing aluminum, I think that patching would be a safer alternative than giving Tylenol because Tylenol depletes Glutathione. And so you really have to weigh what you're comfortable with, what risks you're comfortable with. And then the patient has to weigh those risks. And you need to be direct with them that the product has not been studied in children and that they are using it at their own risk. And these would be the things to look for.

Robin Ray Green 27:02
But personally, I believe in my opinion that that it would be safer to give a child a Glutathione patch for a very short period of time to elevate their glutathione levels than it would be to give you know and an analgesic. So that's just my opinion for what it's worth.

Robin Ray Green 27:22
So once you have, you're sure that the person is they're detoxing in a safe way, they're not overloaded, what you could do is then a plan that looks like this:

Robin Ray Green 27:34
During the day, they could wear X39 on GV 14, and Gluathione on Liver 3. And then at night, they could wear carnosine on CV 17. And I say at night is just a little disclaimer, in some people carnosine will give them kind of lucid dreaming type of things so that if they experience a change in their sleep, we're in the Carnosine at night to just wear it during the day then.

Robin Ray Green 28:00
So with that, that's that's what I've got for you guys today. So if you guys have any questions, I'm open for taking questions. I see one here from Naomi. And see no, she says I've heard that the COVID vaccines are not the same as regular vaccines. Some doctors should set it should not be called vaccines COVID vaccines could alter would alter gene expression. I'm not sure what LifeWave patches could do for not to alter the gene expression after the shot.

Robin Ray Green 28:33
Well, yeah, I mean, some people are calling it gene therapy. They're not supposed to be altering our genes with the mRNA vaccine. Good news, the mRNA vaccines do not contain aluminum, which is great, but they do have other, of course, toxic additives to preserve the vaccine that are going in at the blood level.

Robin Ray Green 29:00
I mean, I think that from the perspective of what Glutathione and X39 do they have a protective effect of your DNA? And you know, they are I think that it would be a safe, I mean, in my opinion, it would be a safe thing to take with the vaccine. Obviously, we don't have any research to back that assumption up. So you just have to be again comfortable with whatever risk, whatever risks you might have, you know with it and what you're comfortable with. But personally, I really want to protect my DNA and my genes and I want them to be set to healthy. So I'm all about taking that stem cell patch and using it every day to just help keep me you know, help age in a healthy way.

Robin Ray Green 29:53
So Oh, you're welcome, Pam. I'm

Robin Ray Green 29:55
so glad that it was helpful. I'm going to go ahead I'm just putting you guys on gallery review so I can see everybody. Feel free to unmute yourself to ask me a question. It can be related to this presentation, it can be related to the patches really open for any any kind of questions asked me anything.

Unknown Speaker 30:16
Lisa. Thank you, Robin.

Unknown Speaker 30:20

Unknown Speaker 30:21
I actually did not know that carnosine was involved in binding and getting rid of aluminum. So I'm familiar with it as tissue repair and that kind of stuff. But isn't aluminum also associated with Alzheimer's? Isn't that one is it? That's, do you know of any studies that they've done with that?

Robin Ray Green 30:41
I believe there are studies with carnitine and Alzheimer's. And that carnosine showed that it did improve cognitive function. I believe that's what it was. And there are some studies that that talk about copper, zinc and carnosine as being helpful for chelation and helpful in neuro related issues.

Unknown Speaker 31:07

Suzy McCleary 31:08

Unknown Speaker 31:09

Robin Ray Green 31:10
Yeah, it's not very well known. So definitely something we want to know and get our share with our patients.

Robin Ray Green 31:22

Robin Ray Green 31:25
Oh, you need to unmute. Is the itchiness that you get from the Glutathione patch? Is that due to low hydration and low minerals?

Robin Ray Green 31:42
I don't know for sure.

Unknown Speaker 31:44
I have a lot of patients kind of tell me that. And I experienced that, especially when it's on CV 6. And then so this week, I've really been upping the water and upping the minerals more. And I've noticed that there's less itching their site. They also get a yellow spot under there. Interesting.

Robin Ray Green 32:01
I've never seen that before. I mean, I think what you're saying it's just testament to how important that is and how often people are dehydrated and don't even and they just don't realize it

Unknown Speaker 32:16
Sounds like Suzy knows the answer to itching.

Unknown Speaker 32:22
No, Suzy, you taught me this. The X 39 mops up histamine,

Suzy McCleary 32:27
Right. Yeah, go for it. Yeah. What they found with the when using the X39, if you have any itching associated with it, that that can actually mop up excess histamine, which can relieve the Gluathione will relieve the itching from whatever. You know, you could use those in combination. I think they were I was listening to Karen the other day to doing one of hers and she was talking about all the patches actually have, you know, play a part in it in detoxification. So even the Aeon and the Ice Wave may play a small role, not like the Glutathione kind of thing. But all the patches play a small role in detoxification as well. So if you've got a really sensitive patient, you might start with something a bit simpler. I think that kind of saying rather than going straight to Glutathione as well. Do you need that if you're going to use the Gluathione to mitigate the histamine response? Or the excuse me, we're going to use X39 to mitigate the Gluathione itching response

Suzy McCleary 33:34
Do you need to patch x 39 in that area, then?

Suzy McCleary 33:37
I would actually the X 39 will increase Glutathione by 30%. So I would actually, if they were reacting to the Glutathione patch, I would actually swap them and start it slow using the X39. Some people have specific spots that they they say for example, I've had clients that have worn their Glutathione patch at the back of their neck and had no reaction but put it on their tummy, they then get a reaction. So I say well, don't put on your tummy, put on your foot, go further or find a different spot. And sometimes it's just a skin reaction at the area.

Unknown Speaker 34:15
Thank you.

Robin Ray Green 34:17
Diane, I saw that you had a question.

Unknown Speaker 34:20
I do. I've My question has to do with like what patch to use when I mean all the patches seem so great. You know, if there were only like three patches, my life would be so much easier. So, you know, I have done, I think four rounds of the five element detox and I've got another round I am planning to do. You know, and I've got I don't even like I've got you know, niggling things that are bothering me. So I you know, it's in the X 39 just seems great. So I sound less confused about what to use when I do know that I do feel better when they're in the lower part of my body especially can't wear 'em the upper part at night? Because it does I do have problems with waking up and not getting back to sleep.

Robin Ray Green 35:19
Okay, well, I think when I'm when I'm trying to figure out what patch to use, and someone has multiple things going on, I think about it one of two ways. One is, is there an underlying imbalance related to all of these things? So if that's the case, like, let's say, underlying, there's, you know, heart and kidney deficiency is the underlying root of the problem, then I might think, okay, let's just start with a foundational patch, like the X39. So that you're not chasing the symptoms, you're trying to tonify kidney and heart and do it that way.

Robin Ray Green 35:58
And then the other way is, is what is the person's priority? Like, the body has its own wisdom, what it wants to heal, that's what the X39 will take care of? So what is their symptomology? What is their top priority to heal? Is it sleep? Okay, so maybe pair X39, with silent nights, and we apply it on Heart 7, in the evening, or we apply it to Yin Tang in the evening. So that's kind of the way I think about it.

Robin Ray Green 36:27
It's just going back to your your basics and like, what what is the diagnosis in Chinese medicine? What is the patient's priority, and then just trying to select one or two patches from there, so you're not overwhelmed? Like sticking six on because you're just trying to, you know, change symptoms, to symptoms?

Unknown Speaker 36:48
And the other is, Oh, that makes sense. Thank you. And the other thing is, man, ever since I've been using the patches. I just seem to have to pee, I've always had to pee a lot. But no, a lot more. And there's an urgency that I never had before, which is upsetting. So does this pass eventually?

Robin Ray Green 37:09
Suzy, you want to chime in on that one? Because I I really I haven't heard of that before. So I'm not sure.

Suzy McCleary 37:15
It would be whether your your body is actually utilizing more water. And so that urgency like it's looking at your concentration, if it's more concentrated that even though you're having more frequency, and I would actually increase water even more, or minerals to make sure you're using your body using the water that you're drinking correctly. But just watch for any signs or symptoms of burning or anything like that, if you're having with it. And just you know, even though you're doing it a lot, I would actually increase it more, but with electrolytes, or put a little bit of salt in your water.

Unknown Speaker 37:50
Yeah, I do that. And I have been the patches not only actually switched my water drinking more, I am absorbing more, I can tell. I can I can tell by looking at my face that I am absorbing more. And there's no burning. So thank God for that. So could it just be detox that just be a symptom of detoxing? And I'm also wondering, because I do have, I had a C section first. And then the second time I tried for a VBAC I ended up with what ended up to be a vaginal c section ended up cutting them out of me. So there is a lot of scar tissue down there. So I'm wondering if the X39 his or other patches working on the scar tissue and remodeling some stuff.

Suzy McCleary 38:43
I would try patching over the scar? So rather than put the X39 try it over the scar as if you could see if that makes a difference. Okay. Yep. Cool. Thank you.

Suzy McCleary 38:53
Now, I think Suz from Australia, not me. And she wanted to know how long to do the detox, like how long? How long in days, would you consider a detox protocol.

Robin Ray Green 39:08
I mean, I typically do five to seven days for a detoxification protocol. And the what I love about the patches is we don't need to do like a, unless it's something really serious. You can do a shorter detox five to seven days. And then do it once a month so that you can you can detoxify on a regular basis, as opposed to like these juice cleanse or all these I mean, I've had patients come in with like boatloads of supplements that they're gagging down and then they get a bad rash and they feel terrible. So just do it once a month, or once a quarter and just kind of stay on top of it.

Robin Ray Green 39:51
And then I've seen another question here for I don't know Alpine Acu iPhone, whoever you are. Hello. Welcome. Let's see. And she wants to know how he or she wants to know how the patches activate the body's ability to create Glutathione and where do we find info on the website?

Robin Ray Green 40:09
Yes, so, fantastic question, the lifewave patches work by tapping into the body's infrared energy fields. So our bodies emit light and heat in the infrared spectrum. The patches contain a nano crystalline structure that reflects back very specific wavelengths of light that sort of act as a antenna like this, that these wavelengths of light activate and different biochemical changes in the body and one of them is Glutathione. So we can think about different frequencies or different wavelengths activate different biochemical changes in the body, in the similar way that when you go out into the sun, and the UVA UVB light hits your skin, it activates the production of vitamin D.

Robin Ray Green 41:06
When we use these very specific wavelengths of light, they activate different biochemical changes. So what the specific wavelengths are, we don't know, because that's proprietary with the company. But Suzy has a few guesses on that. But that's, that's probably another conversation. And you can find out more information on where should we send? Where should we send you her, Suzy, we're in the process of getting up information. I've got a great YouTube video that explains what I just said very succinctly. And is a great resource when you're explaining it to other people. If you're new to LifeWave, and you're trying to figure out how to explain this.

Robin Ray Green 41:47
The technology is a little bit more complex than that. But that's the simplified version that we usually help to explain to our patients so they understand that there. It seems so simple, like this sticker, what, how could it possibly work, but really, it is actually very, very high tech. So Suzy, if you can put a link in there, and then Anne posted a link there. And Linda, we were referring to carnosine, the dipeptide carnosine. That's the one.

Robin Ray Green 42:27
So Kim, this is a great question. She said she just patched a patient with a brain injury with a brain injury protocol. And it doesn't include carnosine or X39. Can you explain when to use that protocol versus the Energy Enhancer and Glutathione? Or when we should choose Carnosine and X39 instead? So you know, I'm not actually familiar with the brain injury protocol. I haven't looked that up Suzy, is this, this is a question you could field for us, yeah?

Suzy McCleary 42:59
I'm going to do a webinar in I think it's coming up next month that I'm going to do it on the Brain Balance protocol. And I'll go through all that, in that in a couple of weeks of using, you know, whether I tend to do it as a personal choice of what I'm actually trying to do in terms of like, am I using it as a detox? Or am I using it to, you know, support different areas of the brain? But can I leave that till I do it all in the webinar? In a few weeks? Yeah, just

Robin Ray Green 43:36
Yes. Yes, you can, Suzy. I would just say briefly, Kim, that, you know, it's possible that that protocol that you're looking at was developed before the X39 was available. So you know, that that might be one of the reasons why it's not there. And prior to X39, Aeon was like the favorite patch for people and it's often used in Brain Balance. So I think the protocol that you're on and working with, is should be fine.

Robin Ray Green 44:14
And, you know, I personally now after watching some amazing things happen with the X39, in my pets with my husband, in my patients, just hands down, if someone has an injury, they're getting the X39 because the stem cells will go to sites of inflammation and initiate cellular repair. And that is always a top priority when there's any kind of injury.

Robin Ray Green 44:44
Can you tell me why the patches are only used up to 24 hours and what happens then?

Robin Ray Green 44:49
So remember how I said the patches have a nano crystalline structure and what basically happens after a period of time depending on your personal your body heat That crystalline structure breaks down from being exposed to your infrared heat. And so after about 24 hours, the patch is gone, the benefits that you're getting from it, that light that's reflected back into the body is no longer happening.

Robin Ray Green 45:17
The other thing that's important to consider with light therapy, whether it's a laser or a patch, is that constant stimulation will cause the body to stop producing whatever, you know, peptides or biochemical changes, so the body does need a break from the stimulation to have maximum benefit.

Robin Ray Green 45:36
And through the company's research, they found that 12 hours, you know, in the bell curve, 12 hours is peak. So you're going to get peak production of different biochemical changes with 12 hours of use, and then 12 hours off, particularly for the X39 patch. Any other questions?

Robin Ray Green 46:03
Well, I just want to say I want to I'm like, so thrilled that we had such a full house tonight. And if you're new, it's important to go back to the person who sent you the link, or who you heard of it about and go back to them. And they can give you more information they can give you you know, interesting videos to watch to just to get more familiar with the technology.

Robin Ray Green 46:26
It's truly something that is super special. And we have all experienced various amazing changes that have been shocking at times. And so I am personally so grateful for this technology for how it's helped my family. And if you've heard about this webinar from me, you know, feel free to reach out to me at and I'll put that in the chat. And anybody if you have questions, you can reach out to me. But of course, we want you to sign up if you do to sign up with LifeWave. You know, we want you to sign up with the person who who sent you to this webinar, but I'm happy to facilitate any answering any questions or anything like that.

Robin Ray Green 47:18
And it any

Robin Ray Green 47:19
Final words, anything else anybody wants to share? Before we go?

Unknown Speaker 47:26
Robin, I do see, there's a question from Jennifer and I'm gonna miss it right here. Okay. Um, she's asking if there's a protocol posted. That was done by Dr. Karen Kan. I think so Jennifer, if you're here, if you want to unmute and clarify your question, you can do that. Or you can type it in the chat. Maybe, maybe we'll take care of it later. Okay,

Robin Ray Green 48:04
Maybe? We'll take care of it later. I do know that Karen has a wealth of information out there. I mean, she has a podcast. She's got her facebook group. She's a she's an amazing resource, just really a trailblazer in using the patches. And so definitely look her up. Oh, I see Jennifer now.

Robin Ray Green 48:30
Why was that?

Unknown Speaker 48:32
My dog, I'll put it in the chat.

Robin Ray Green 48:38
I had to lock up my dogs in the master bedroom. because inevitably, one of them will see a squirrel and start barking out the window. But I didn't want to. I didn't want to, you know, have it interrupt our talk. She's talking about Karen. Karen Kan Karen Khan? I'm not sure how to say her name.

Robin Ray Green 48:57
And also, I just want to invite everybody in our team to the Health Gowth Summit. It's hosted by JJ Virgin and Karl Krummenacher. And this summit is so geared towards helping acupuncturists, doctors, physical therapists, anyone who's a healthcare professional, to create innovative ways and multiple income streams outside of your clinic. So definitely, if you guys are interested, I think you can still get the special they gave me a special like link where you could get the early bird price and a VIP upgrade to the event. It's like a it's like a four day event. It's incredible. They have amazing speakers. I always come away with new pearls and and you know, it's just really amazing. Let's see, Christine says you tried to register, but wouldn't process. Oh, Christine, email me. Let me know. I'll get you hooked up. I'll get you connected with the tech people.

Robin Ray Green 50:02
Yeah, okay, and then Suz has a client interested in referring so I'm not currently taking new clients, but I know Suzy and Caitria are so if you guys have a referral definitely send them Suzy's way. And I think that's all we got.

Robin Ray Green 50:19
Jennifer, did you have your question?

Suzy McCleary 50:24

Robin Ray Green 50:25
we're good. All right, everyone.

Robin Ray Green 50:27
Well, thank you all so much for joining me tonight. Thanks again. Bye


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