Content Creation Hack: Voice to Text App

Content Creation Hack

Have you ever sat down to write a newsletter or create a caption for your social media post and stared at the dang blinking cursor.

And nothing comes.

And then the frustration sets in, and before you know it, you're onto some other task that has to be done.

I've discovered a simple hack for creating written content that can save you a ton of time!

If you prefer to tell someone their content or speak it aloud, you can use, a voice to text app on your phone. 

It's way better than the dictation app that comes standard on most computers. 

Here's what does:

  • It records your voice.
  • Creates a time-stamped transcript.
  • You can go in and edit it.
  • Then copy and paste it. 
  • If you keep your recording under 40 minutes, you can use the free version.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 6.17.50 PM

If it helps to create your content through conversation, talk to your friend as you explain what you want to share in the content you're creating. 

Sometimes, when I'm trying to figure out how to explain something, I'll tell my husband my ideas and record them with His feedback helps gain clarity, and it's much faster to edit the transcript of our conversation to create the content. 

Best of all, those brilliant ideas you say aloud and then promptly forget are recorded!

If you're ready to delegate...

Have a copywriter or member of your staff edit your transcript and transform it into a blog post, newsletter, and/or social media post for you. Try and take one content idea and use it on multiple platforms. 

If you're wearing all the hats...

Set aside a few hours each month and talk out your content. Then in another session, edit and prep for the different platforms.

I know you have so many great ideas inside you! Don't let writer's block stop you from sharing them with your patients and social media followers.

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Christine Ng

Yes I've heard of this one, just haven't tried it yet!

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Robin Green

I'm loving it! I just integrated it with Zoom and now it gives me transcripts of my meetings!!

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