Chinese Herbal Strategies for Treating the Stages of Viral Infection


prepared by Anatasia White 

Epidemics are exceptional patterns of chaotic qi and wind; Chinese medical theory was created to respond to the flow of qi and the earth provides the medicines that tonify the immune system and expel wind.

Prophylactic formulas are recommended for daily use plus having an “expel wind” formula for immediate use at the very first symptom experienced. The expel wind formulas are far more effective if taken at the very onset, of viral infection. Take the formula every 2 hours for at least the first 24 hours.

Here are their recommendations for adults for the best outcome: 

Preventative Stage

These formulas are used in lower doses, not more than 4-6 tabs per day.

Herbal Sentinel Yang- with Yang deficiency

Herbal Sentinel Yin- with Yin deficiency 

Children’s Sentinel- dampness

Biocidin Throat Spray- very effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial herbal spray. Use often during the day and especially when going out.


Early Stage

During this period increase dosage, up to 12 tabs per day.

Expel Wind Cold- slight fever, more chills, symptoms predominate in the nose, eyes with thin secretions.

Expel Wind Heat- fever and chills, sore throat, head and body aches.

Clear Metal- more severe immediate symptoms of wind heat with cough of yellow mucus.


Middle Stage

Middle dosage between 6 and 12 tabs per day.

Clear Metal- continued symptoms, clears lung and stomach heat

Expel Toxic Heat- acute severe toxic heat symptoms, use with Clear Metal.

Limpid Sea- profuse phlegm use with Clear Metal.

Later Stage

We follow the cycle back to preventive dosage 4-6 tabs per day.

Ringing Metal- resolve lingering cough with phlegm-heat 

Limpid Sea- profuse phlegm use with Ringing Metal

Jade Spring- dry cough, thirst, night sweats

Olivirex- Olive leaf extract with kidney tonics


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