Healing Children in the Unwellness Gap


I know it won't surprise you that the one-size-fits-all approach of Western medicine falls short for many kids.

Millions of children fall into the Unwellness Gap(TM) because they’re not totally sick, but they’re not totally well, either. They suffer from frequent illnesses and inflammatory conditions like allergies, asthma, eczema, constipation, stomachaches, sleep problems, anxiety, and hyperactivity. Their problems often warrant repeated visits to doctors and specialists in search of a way to manage symptoms.

There’s no pill that can cure unwellness.

But, there are still many different ways we can blend Eastern and Western medicine to help children in the Unwellness Gap(TM) heal.

However, helping parents embrace Chinese medicine can be challenging at times!

There's one tool I use to help shift parents from linear cause-effect thinking to a more holistic approach to their child's care. When parents see this model (I often draw it out for them) they're like, "WOW! Yes, that totally makes sense!"

Below you'll find the outline of the conversation that I have with parents so that they can think about healing their child in a different way. This conversation also helps them to embrace their child's individual healing program (a.k.a. treatment plan). Here goes...

1. Medicine Comes in Many Forms

In my book, Heal Your Child from the Inside Out, I talk about how medicine comes in many forms and that we need to broaden its definition beyond modern Western medicine. Medicine can be a kind word, a hug, an herb, or a massage to a quiet place to think or be in nature. These are all forms of medicine, and there's little to no cost for many of them.


This helps parents understand that there are many different tools we'll use to help their child heal.   Medicine-Comes-in-Many-Forms-email.png

2. Use the right combination of medicine for the job!

One of the ways to discover the right combination of medicine for a child is by using an ancient concept from traditional healers and shamans around the globe -- the medicine wheel. I love the wheel model because it helps parents see how an integrated and inclusive approach to medicine works. It opens up the potential for healing body, mind, and spirit!

Here's what I say to parents:
The medicine wheel allows us to address your child's symptoms while also focusing on healing the underlying cause. Each person's medicine wheel is different, but most have the several forms of medicine. 
The medicine wheel I use with most patients (see photo) starts out with natural remedies, healthy eating, healthy guts, elemental parenting, acupressure & massage, and gratitude & mindfulness.
But, since each child is unique, we may add or subtract different kinds of medicine to facilitate healing.
For example, some children may need regular doctor visits, laboratory testing, or medications, like inhalers, on their wheel. Or we may add time in nature as part of a child's wheel.
We'll work together to discover the right combination for your child! 

More on the Medicine Wheel

If this idea resonates, be sure to check out my book Heal Your Child from the Inside Out: The 5-Element Way to Nurturing Healthy, Happy Kids for more ideas on creating your own unique medicine wheel and healing programs for children.

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