Pediatric Five Element Typing - Let's Simplify it!

As you probably know, Five Elements is my favorite tool to use with kids and parents! That's why I'm writing a whole book about it! Once I know a child's dominant Element it's easy to understand his temperament, strengths, challenges, motivations, and even what illnesses he'll be prone to.  What's even more cool is being able to identify a child's Element and describe that child to the parent on the first visit. Parents are always amazed that I get their child spot on!  This is easy with kids that have a clear and straight forward dominant Element. You can spot them from a mile away!  

But... Identifying a Child's Element is Not Always That Clear!

Many kids aren't straight forward. They have more than one Element influencing their behavior and it can be hard to tell what their dominant Element is. This happened to me recently... I had this new patient and the first few visits he seemed like a like a well behaved Metal child who follows the rules. Everything went smoothly. Then a few visits later his Wood nature came out and he became more curious, more difficult to treat, and began pushing boundaries! I had to change how I managed the treatment in response to his Wood nature.

So, Is He a Metal Child or a Wood Child?  Or Both?

If you've ever felt perplexed by a child's seemingly dual nature, you're not alone. Usually you can narrow down a child's Element to two: a dominant Element and an influential Element. Combined the dominant and influential Elements are uniquely expressed in each child.  The unique Elemental expression makes it hard to determine which Element is dominant, but with the right guiding questions you can easily determine which is which. I'm going to show you the system I use to determine a child's dominant and influential Elements that make up their unique Elemental expression.

In this webinar, I'll cover how to:
    • Narrow it down & quickly identify a child's dominant Element type
    • Ask guiding questions to help make Five Element typing easier
    • Work with children based upon their Element
    • improve your clinical outcomes and help you advise parents 

Click HERE to purchase the training for $78

Plus, when you buy the course you can earn 4 CEUs (approved for CA and NCCAOM).


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