Will Uncertainty Stop You from Treating More Kids?

Has this ever happened to you?  You've decided you want to treat more kids and you're totally pumped about it.  The thought just lights you up and you want to share it with the world. You know you can do it. Then something happens… days, maybe weeks, later you're not so sure about your goal. You haven't gotten any new pediatric patients. Uncertainty kicks in. Uncertainty is a tricky beast (I was going to use another B-word here but I'm gonna keep it PG). It can show up in obvious ways, like when you doubt whether your treatment was enough or whether your non-needle tools will work. But uncertainty can show up in much more subtle ways. Like a quiet whisper in your ear, uncertainty makes putting off your goal sound rational. It may say things like I'll begin seeing kids when I have more experience, or when I work more days each week, or after I complete my extra training.  

Uncertainty can be at the root of why we can't get parents to commit to a treatment plan.


Uncertainty makes it feel like we have to "convince" parents that acupuncture can help their child.


Uncertainty can make us believe we have to be a parent to be a successful pediatric acupuncturist.


Uncertainty can make us feel like no matter how much training we've had, it's not enough.  "I'm not ready… not just yet.  Maybe next year."


Uncertainty can make us over-give and under-charge for pediatric visits.  It can sabotage our efforts to grow a thriving family practice.


Uncertainty can make us feel that if we can't instantly heal our own children, we can't possibly heal others.

  I'm quite familiar with Uncertainty. I've been duking it out with her the last few years. The truth of the matter is Uncertainty is just another form of my old nemesis Resistance. I've talked about Resistance in a previous post and how it almost prevented me from getting my book contract. I've even named my Resistance (I call her Judy - long story).  If you've ever experienced Resistance it means you're about to expand and grow and your ego (or inner gremlin) is not too happy about it. Your inner gremlin doesn't want anything to change.  She'd rather you stay right where you are.  She wants you to play it safe, take the slow road and dream small.  She thinks it's better to not try at all than to try and fail. She'll be happy to provide excuses to help you put it off until next year. Over the years I've learned to ignore my inner gremlin. The harder she tries to stop me, the more I know I'm going in the right direction. I just hold onto the feeling I had when I made a goal and I imagine how it will feel when I accomplish I it.  I take small consistent steps in the right direction until one day I'm on the other side. On the other side of Uncertainty is…

Confidence Trusting your treatments Feeling good about your fees Being fully valued Making a difference doing what you love Having a thriving practice Connection and community Growth and expansion Taking inspired action Synchronicity

So, who are you going to listen to this year?  When you recognize that Uncertainty is just another form of Resistance you can see where it's showing up for you. Begin asking yourself if you're feeling Uncertain because your goal isn't right or because of Resistance. Reach out for help. Lean on your community. Keep moving forward. You can get to the other side to. I'm over here cheering you on! Leave a comment and tell me how Resistance shows up for you.  Let's begin supporting one another and put Resistance on time-out.


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