Advanced Herbal Medicine Formulas for Pediatric Asthma


Millions of children have "steroid resistant" or difficult asthma that doesn't respond to inhaled corticosteroids on montelukast (Singulair).

These children suffer daily and have few options to control their illness! Chinese medicine offers safe, effective solutions when Western medicine isn't enough.

Cara and I will be discussing how Chinese herbal medicine can play in role in easing asthma symptoms and breaking the cycle of frequent illness and asthma.

The three formulas we cover are:

  1. Pulmasoothe - for all patterns of asthma, treats Lung deficiency
  2. Easy Exhale - for asthma with phlegm, loud, wet cough
  3. Wheeze Ease - for asthma with dry, hacking, spasmodic cough

These formulas are available at China Herb Co after you sign up for a professional account, click on Shop Products --> Little Fishes and you can purchase these formulas.


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