Exploring Pediatric Acupuncture & Non-Needle Tools

It’s Pediatric Tool Time! 

In this video, I share my favorite acupuncture and non-needle tools for kids. I also unveil a tool that hasn’t hit the U.S. market yet and talk about how to increase your effectiveness of any tool you use!


Tools Used:

Lhasa OMS

Acurea USA

Miridia Tools

Crystal Ear Seeds




Don't Forget to Check Out the 2019 Training Opportunities!

Last Week to Join the 2019 Pediatric Healing Arts Mentorship

2019 pediatric rounds (1).png

Do you Feel Called to Work with Kids in Your Clinic but Lack Experience or Confidence? 

If you have the desire to treat kids but feel you don’t have the experience to do it confidently, my Pediatric Healing Arts Mentorship has what you need to take your family practice to the next level.

Wouldn't it be nice to become comfortable and confident in working with kids now so you can build a thriving practice doing what you love this year?

Mentorship with an expert makes all the difference! 

This program is limited to 5 acupuncturists only so I can coach each person privately and in a small group setting.

Learn More about Mentorship


2019 Pediatric Acupuncture Rounds

2019 pediatric rounds.png

They're finally back! I get calls all the time from practitioners that want to shadow me. But, as a family practitioner, my days are filled with a mix of adults and kids.

I want to create an immersion experience that will fast-track your skills and confidence. So, for Pediatric Acupuncture Rounds, I've scheduled a day filled with babies and children of all ages.

And the best part is we'll treat them together. 

I'm only offering the class two times in 2019. To keep the class an intimate learning environment, it's limited to 5 acupuncturists each.

Learn More About PA Rounds



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