In this webinar you'll learn:

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Why eliminating milk isn't enough to decrease mucus 

and why even healthy foods could be triggering dampness and worsening asthma.


How failing to address gut imbalances can sabotage your efforts 

and the most common signs acupuncturists miss when diagnosing gut imbalances.


How medications influence asthma patterns and

why you need to go beyond classic formulas to get the best results for pediatric asthma.


The secret to getting parents to commit to your treatment plan

so they're ready, resourceful, and in it for the long haul.

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Millions of children suffer from "steroid resistant" or "difficult" asthma and Western medicine isn't enough.

These children and their parents deal with this life-threatening illness on a daily basis. Not knowing what else to do, they end up on medications that don't work and produce serious side effects!

Where Western medicine fails these kids, Chinese medicine offers safe, effective solutions to pediatric asthma - whether steroid resistant or not.

But, there are some key pieces of the puzzle acupuncturists must have in place if they're are to get consistent results that can help reverse asthma!

This Webinar is a Must Attend If...

You Have a Family Practice and Treat Kids

With 7.1 million children with asthma, you're bound to get patients with asthma in your clinic

You Want to Treat More Kids with Asthma

You'll learn some of the key secrets to be super successful in treating this common problem.

You're Committed to Getting Better Results

Don't leave it up to chance, learn what you can do right now to get better results!

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A Personal Invitation from Robin

I've been treating children with asthma for over 15 years.

My earliest asthma patients are now healthy adults living asthma free!

I've developed a system for treating asthma and respiratory conditions that gets consistent results, reversing even steroid resistant asthma.

I've developed this brand new webinar to share some of the key secrets that make ALL the difference in getting results for your patients. 

If you're committed to helping even more kids in your practice, I want to personally invite you to join my webinar!

Choose the time that works best for you>>


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