Start Confidently Treating Kids with Asthma and Get  Outstanding Results 



 While overcoming  uncertainty about treatment and
avoiding the common mistakes that lead to inconsistent outcomes. 

 If you're a pediatric or family acupuncturist

and you're looking to help kids with asthma while avoiding the stress of trying to figure it ALL out on your own then you already know you a need a system you can replicate 

I know that you want to help kids with asthma, especially when Western medicine isn't enough.

And you're heart is totally in the right place. 

Chinese medicine can truly transforms the lives of these children and their entire families.

There's nothing more impactful in our line of work than seeing a child go from living a life limited by their illness to having the freedom to run, play, swim and just be a normal kid!

You already know how bad asthma is with the rates more than doubling since the 1980s. 

Over 7.1 million children in the U.S. alone have been diagnosed with asthma. Many more have steroid resistant asthma or undiagnosed respiratory issues and few treatment options.

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The KEYs to Getting Outstanding Results with Asthma

Asthma is a complicated and serious condition. It can be intimidating to treat your first asthma case even though you know you can help. Here are a few things that can help you navigate the process.

A Step-By-Step Plan

Imagine walking into the room on the first visit with a solid plan. You know exactly what needs to happen, how many treatments you'll recommend, and what your treatment plan is going to look like. 

Clarity & Confidence

Knowing how to guide parents to get them onboard with your treatment plan is essential. Parents are going to be committed when they understand your treatment plan, have appropriate expectations for healing time, and are totally willing to make dietary and lifestyle changes to support the process. When you have clarity and confidence around this aspect of treatment you're golden!

Understanding the Nuances of Asthma Diagnosis & Treatment

Modern pediatric asthma is more complicated than cases we'll find in textbooks or from what we learned in school. Medications like Inhaled Corticosteroids and antibiotics can change the pattern of imbalance. And we need to adapt our diagnosis, point selection, and herbal formulas accordingly to get the best results.

Holistic Support to Uplevel Your Treatments

By integrating modern understanding of lingering pathogenic factors, gut health, and immunity we can take our treatments to the next level and get results even in cases where Western medicine can't.


Even though deciding to help kids with asthma is EASY, the path to reversing asthma is anything but


What could go wrong?

Even if you've got your asthma diagnosis dialed-in, most practitioners run into a snag on the initial visit.

They’re unsure how many treatments the child is going to need or how long to tell parents it will take for asthma symptoms to improve. So they don’t give much guidance, hoping that the symptoms will improve and that will be enough to make the parents happy.

But for kids with asthma, especially severe cases, it’s going to take several sessions before improvement begins.

If parents don’t understand the plan or have unrealistic expectations, they’re not going to follow through with their appointments because they’ll think the treatment isn’t working.

You won’t get the chance to help if all this is not properly explained at the beginning!

This is compounded by that fact that today’s asthma cases are more complex than ever.

It's easy to get hung up on diagnosing the issue when there are multiple, severe symptoms. That makes figuring out the treatment plan difficult.

This is enough to make most acupuncturists reluctant to want to take on a pediatric asthma case.

They might think of referring out, but with so few pediatric acupuncturists, honestly, who would you refer to?

The thing is… Chinese medicine REALLY works for asthma.

It can work when nothing else does!

This means there is an amazing opportunity for you to help kids with asthma, kids that few people want to treat, and get results even when Western medicine isn’t working.


3 Reasons Acupuncturists Get Inconsistent
Outcomes with Pediatric Asthma

(And what to do instead!)

# 1

Gut Imbalances Persist

The most common mistake practitioners make is ignoring the gut because their patient has no problem with digestion or pooping. It's easy to skip this step when parents report probiotics didn’t make a difference and their child has regular perfect poop.

The fact that a child has asthma is an indication that there ARE gut imbalances, and by treating them as part of your plan you can resolve symptoms quickly and improve your overall outcomes.

# 2

Damp-Causing  Foods Remain in the Diet

You already know that phlegm is a major factor in asthma. Eliminating milk, peanuts, and fried, rich, fatty foods is a great start.

But in many cases, there are other foods...even healthy foods...that are not properly digested because of gut imbalances. These foods are a major source of phlegm if left untreated. Those foods absolutely must be identified and eliminated 100% from the diet to get a handle on mucus production.

# 3

Lingering Pathogenic Factors (LPFs) Aren’t Addressed

Children who have chronic asthma with a history of repeated illness almost always have LPFs that need to be cleared. If the LPF hangs on, even the best treatment plans will fail.

But treating LPFs is tricky and you need to treat them in the right order...or it’s possible you could make things worse. But treated with the right acupoints and herbs, LPFs can be totally cleared and health restored.

The "Secret Sauce" that Elevates Chinese Medicine Treatments for  Pediatric Asthma

Chinese medicine alone is a safe, effective treatment option for asthma. Research shows that acupuncture can improve pediatric asthma symptoms, reduce bronchoconstriction, and relieve asthma-related anxiety. 

However, the research also showed asthma symptoms returned once acupuncture was stopped.

I found the same to be true UNTIL I started doing one thing different.

Once I combined Chinese and functional medicine, my pediatric asthma patients got and stayed better!

The magic was in 1) resolving gut imbalances, 2) eliminating ALL damp foods from the diet, and 3) clearing LPFs. I did this concurrently with acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment. 

I made sure to screen parents and help them understand from the first conversation the commitment they would need to make in order to successfully treat their child's asthma.

Once I combined ALL these aspects of treatment, I started to get  OUTSTANDING results time and time again.

And you can, too!




Reversing Pediatric Asthma with Chinese Medicine

A Proven Blueprint for Getting GREAT Results with Asthma 

I have taken everything I've learned from the last 15 years of treating kids with asthma and created a system that all acupuncturists can replicate with their own patients. You'll get all the nitty, gritty details that are absolutely necessary for success, laid out in a practical, easily accessible way to get you started as quickly as possible.

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 This isn't so much a CEU class as a MASTER CLASS with everything you need to know. It's taught in a way that will  help you quickly digest and  IMPLEMENT what you learn .

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You'll learn the theory and research behind all the treatment strategies I recommend. More importantly, you'll have a meticulous, step-by-step system that leaves nothing out. It's all about applied theory for maximum results.

Reversing Pediatric Asthma with Chinese Medicine is the 1st Course of its Kind that...

Combines Chinese and Functional Medicine

And blends the two so that you're using Functional Medicine principles through the Chinese medicine lens and applying them in a way that makes sense for your Chinese medical diagnosis.

Integrates Theory and Research with Practical Strategies

Theory is great, but if it doesn't apply to real world patients it's not helpful. This course will help simplify diagnosis and provide practical strategies for determining everything from acupoint selection to herbal medicine and dietary/lifestyle changes.

Chunks Down the Topics into Easy-to-Learn Modules

Unlike going to a weekend class where you're bombarded with the entire system in just a couple days, you'll have time to learn the material in smaller chunks so  you can digest and integrate it before moving to the next topic. 

Will be Taught Live Online (Replays Available)

Starting, July 15th we'll meet weekly for about 1 hour to cover the material in this course. You'll have a chance to ask me questions during the live class and afterwards in the online forum. Please note this course is approved for 8 Distance Learning CEUS only and does not qualify for Live CEUs.  See details below.

Here's the Complete Course Breakdown

Understanding Conventional Medical Diagnosis & Treatment of Asthma

Learn the current methods of treatment including testing, medication, and side effects. 

Chinese Medicine Etiology, Pathogenesis and Differential Diagnosis of Asthma

Learn the factors that lead to asthma and how to properly diagnose them.

Acupuncture Treatment for Asthma

This is a deep dive into channel theory to help you select points to make sure the Qi is open and flowing to the Lung, Spleen, and Kidney.

Chinese Herbal Formulas for the Treatment of Asthma

We'll review classic formulas, modern researched formulas and patent medicines for asthma.

Holistic Asthma Support

You'll learn how to address gut imbalances, lingering pathogenic factors and nutritional deficiencies as they relate to pediatric asthma.

Lab Testing and Analysis

We'll cover which labs should be run and how to interpret the results to prescribe appropriate diet and supplement support.

Creating an Effective Asthma Treatment Plan

We'll bring together everything you've learned and apply to real cases so you can learn to create custom treatment plans.

Asthma Counseling for Parents

Parents will have lots of questions for you. Learn how to effectively answer them to reinforce their commitment to the plan.

Approved for 8 CEUs/PDAs

NCCAOM Provider #1223

  •  8 AOM-OM PDAs

California Provide #1099

  • 8 Category 1


  • 3.5 General
  • 2.0 Biomedicine
  • 1.0 Herbal
  • 1.5 Practice Enhancement


  • 6.0 General
  • 2.0 Biomedicine

Register Today we'll give you  a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you're not satisfied or you decide you don't want to take the course, we'll refund your money less a 10% processing fee, no questions asked. Your 45 days begins on the day you register.

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Register for Reversing Asthma with Chinese Medicine Today and Here's What You'll Get:

All 8 Modules Covering:

Module 1: Understanding Conventional Medical Diagnosis & Treatment of Asthma

Module 2: Chinese Medicine Etiology, Pathogenesis and Differential Diagnosis of Asthma

Module 3: Acupuncture Treatment for Asthma

Module 4: Chinese Herbal Formulas for the Treatment of Asthma

Module 5: Holistic Asthma Support

Module 6:  Lab Testing and Analysis

Module 7: Creating an Effective Asthma Treatment Plan

Module 8: Asthma Counseling for Parents

Plus resources, notes, PDFs, and handouts to support everything you'll learn in the course. It's approved for 8 CEUs/PDAs by NCCAOM, California, Texas, and Florida (details above).

Reversing Pediatric Asthma with Chinese Medicine

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Access to Reversing Pediatric Asthma

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

When does the course start?

The course content will be sent to you over 7 weeks. However, you can access the entire course beginning at time of purchase and start whenever you're ready since you have lifetime access. 

What is the class fee?

The fee for the first round of the course is $325 or 3 payments of $110. 

Can acupuncture students sign up?

Yes. Acupuncture students can sign up, but they will not eligible for CEUs/PDAs. Please note this is a master class intended for acupuncturists that have experience treating kids already.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 45-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied or you decide you don't want to take the course, we'll refund your money less a 10% processing feeno questions asked. Your 45 days begins on the day you register.

I'm not a licensed acupuncturist. Can I take this class?

As long as you have a medical acupuncturist certification or are allowed to practice acupuncture under your license you can take this course. Please note that this is a master class intended for experienced acupuncturists and assumes you will be able to understand the theory and principles taught.

Will there be CEUs?

Yes, the course has been approved for 8 DISTANCE LEARNING CEUs/PDAs by NCCAOM, California, Texas, and Florida.

California CEU Provider #1099: 8 Category 1 

Approved in Texas for:

  • 3.5 General
  • 2.0 Biomedicine
  • 1.0 Herbal
  • 1.5 Practice Enhancement

Approved in Florida for

  • 6.0 General
  • 2.0 Biomedicine

Approved by NCCAOM for 8 AOM-OM PDAs.

Do I have to attend live?

No. The course is approved for 8 Distance Learning CEUs. After the live class, a replay video will be made available in the online classroom.

What if it doesn't work on my computer?

Tech support is available if you’re having technical issues with viewing the course.  You must have a high-speed Internet connection to participate in the live online classes and to view the video presentations. We also recommend that you have updated browser software on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  If we are unable to resolve the technical issues and you cannot access the course online I will refund your course fee (less a 10% processing fee).