A Proven  Method To Enhance Your Treatments, Help Telehealth Patients, and Make More Money Without Using Needles. And it's Great for Kid's, too!

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AcuPatching™  is  revolutionizing telehealth for acupuncturists, adding another revenue stream that's not dependent on treating patients in the clinic! 

You're probably wondering how you can incorporate AcuPatching™ into your practice to help your patients now. 

First, watch the video with Lisa Hanifileti on how these "Crazy Ass Magic Patches" can add income to your acupuncture practice. Then read below to find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about getting started. 

What is AcuPatching™?

AcuPatching™ is proven technique that balances the acupuncture meridians and the autonomic nervous system using LifeWave® phototherapy patches on acupoints.

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With almost 90 clinical research studies showing the benefits of phototherapy patching you can rest easy knowing you're offering your patients a powerful, research-backed tool to help them resolve their symptoms.  

✓ Balances Acupuncture Meridians Without Needles

✓ Safe, Effective, Non-Transdermal Technique Powered by Light

✓ Makes It Easy To Treat Children And Needle Sensitive Patients

✓ Gives You The Keys To Confidently Help Your Telehealth Patients

✓ Avoid Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Expensive Phototherapy Devices 

✓ Quickly Develop Another Revenue Stream That's Aligned With Your Acupuncture Practice

 It Answers the question "How Do I Help Patients That Can't Come Into My Office For Treatment? " for whatever reason - illness, travel, or too busy!

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AcuPatching™ was like an answer to a prayer!

Like many acupuncturists these days, I was searching for a way to help balance my clients acupuncture meridians remotely. I was also on the verge of selling my thriving acupuncture practice and wanted to move away from the 1:1 treatment model by developing another revenue stream that wasn't dependent on my time. 

At first I was skeptical at the idea that a patch could balance the acupuncture meridians -- that is until I tried it. I saw significant improvement in my energy and was handling stress without it interrupting my sleep. My AcuGraph results showed the patches were balancing my meridians.

But, what was most incredible was my husband's experience.

He had a minor surgery to remove a cyst on his finger. He used the X39 patch daily for 30 days after the surgery. His healing time as astonishingly fast and within a week he was able bend and move his finger. Using the patch shaved several weeks off his healing time and reduced the buildup of scar tissue. Both he and his doctor were amazed!

Since then I've totally embraced AcuPatching™. It has allowed me to help sensitive adults, children, coaching clients all while providing another revenue stream that leverages my expertise. Now, it's one of the most enjoyable parts of my business.

If you're interested, join the community and try out the patches! You need to see how AcuPatching can help you and your family. Then it will be a natural fit to start helping your patients with them. 

Start with a free 60-day trial to the AcuPatching Practitioner Community and check it all out!

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Symptoms AcuPatching Can Help With

Imagine Balancing the Acupuncture Meridians Between Visits or Via Telehealth! 

LifeWave AcuPatching

Healthy Immunity & Respiration

  • asthma
  • allergies
  • cough
  • frequent illness
  • Cold & flu
  • Sinus issues

Pain Relief & Recovery

  • whole body pain
  • aching joints
  • low back pain
  • menstrual pain
  • headaches
  • minor injuries

Focus & Behavior Issues

  • ADHD
  • autism
  • inattention
  • mood swings
  • hyperactivity

Digestive Wellness

  • abdominal pain
  • bloating
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • nausea

Promotes Healthy Sleep

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • waking frequently
  • restless sleep

Manage Stress & Anxiety

Helps balance symptoms related to the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system and helps relieve stress & anxiety.

Boost Energy & Stamina

  • low energy
  • Poor stamina
  • improves athletic performance
  • increases fat burning 
  • reduces cravings

Balance & Restore Skin

  • Promotes collagen production
  • reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • reduces sunspots
  • improves tone
  • speeds wound healing

Benefits of Including AcuPatching™ in Your Practice

  • Balance acupuncture meridians as part of your telehealth session
  • Accelerated results due to daily meridian balancing
  • The keys to adding coaching and challenges to grow your clientele
  • Choose the aligned option for building your revenue stream
  • Great for kids and sensitive adults
  • Excellent, affordable home care or after hours support
  • Industry leading support to integrate AcuPatching™ into your practice
  • Done-for-you Group Programs that you can implement immediately
  • Unparalleled community support with an active forum
  • Reach a wider audience beyond acupuncture patients
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“These patches are nothing short of life saving because they work! We as practitioners of TCM already know the channels and points, the science is abundant, and using patch protocols remotely during Covid has been an important stream of income. Not to mention the support of the AcuPatch team, they are the real deal and it's nice to be part of such a 'high-minded' team. Go for it, you won't be sorry! ”


Pediatric Healing Arts, Inc. © 2021

“I have learned heaps through this community, which has allowed me to recommend patches for a variety of patients' health concerns. The Acupatching Team provides not only recommendations, but also backs them up with science ~ a "win" for this doc! Thank you!!”


Start Your 60-Day Free Trial to the AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community 

STEP 1: Sign Up for Your Free Trial to the AcuPatching Community 

Fill out the sign up form below to join the AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community, so you can see what it's all about. We've loaded it with resources and live & recorded training webinars to help you get started with AcuPatching.  

STEP 2: Look for Our Email 

We'll send you an link in the email with instructions to access it. You'll have 60-Days to trial the community, take the free courses, learn how the patches work, see how you can integrate the into your practice and create another revenue stream to that's resonant with your acupuncture practice.

STEP 3: Experience AcuPatching 

Now, it's your turn to try it! You can click on "Explore Patches" in the menu above and then when you ready, visit the How to Order Page for more information and step-by-step instructions on ordering. If you have questions or need help, click here to contact Robin.

How to Order

What Our Fellow Practitioners Are Saying....

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“I had a male patient with an adductor strain—I suspected adductor longus. As my fellow sports med L.Ac.s know, or anyone else who's needled adductor muscle motor points, this can be a tricky/vulnerable area to needle, especially on men. I had the patient place an X-39 patch directly on his point of pain, which was essentially LV10. He had immediate relief, and was able to walk and move without pain. The pain started to return in about 3 hours, so I guided him to move the patch 1 cun superior to LV11. This was based on David's recommendation to move the patch slightly if the pain returned. Again, the pain was gone, and hasn't returned (the treatment was performed 2 days ago). I've asked the patient not to sprint for a while (which is how he injured it), and if the pain returns, he'll patch the same location again. In my experience, I see adductor strains taking so much longer to heal, with multiple treatments required. I'm just so pleased for the response thus far, and it was so much easier to patch this sensitive location versus needle it.


Pediatric Healing Arts, Inc. © 2021

“Just have to report this fantastic x39 win! I had a malignant melanoma excision done one month ago on my left lower tricep (just up and lateral from LI 11). The surgery went perfectly, but the scar and surrounding area has been painful, swollen and purple. the lateral inch of the 3 inch scar was raised approximately 3/4 inch compared to the rest of the scar and the rest of my arm. Based on Robin's recent Office Hours suggestion to use X39 on c-section scars post-partum, i tried an x39 yesterday on my scar after i woke up in great pain... within 2 hours the pain was completely gone, by bedtime the scar was pink instead of purple, and by the next morning the scar was completely flat...! ”


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“I personally had a awesome experience with the Icewave patches for pain relief at the start of a kidney stone passing. I applied the tan on the GB25 point and the white at the front opposite side of flank. I had an immediate pain relief and thankfully because I had a houseful of company.

I have also used energy enhancer patches over Lung 1 white on right, tan on left lung 1 for a phlegm and tightness of the lungs of a 8 y.o. child. He was tested and he was covid19 negative. I wanted the antioxidant patch gluthathione on the ren 17 for the antiviral component. He was able to expectorate thick yellow brown phlegm and was able to sleep well. The morning after he had a stuffy nose from all the pollen in the air and icewave was placed on frontal sinuses with an immediate opening of nasal passages. His words, "wow, that worked in seconds not minutes."”

Learn more about what Light Therapy patches do and how they can help your patients.

Meet the Team that Started the AcuPatching™ Movement 

We all came to use AcuPatching because we saw the need to be able to help our patients in-between visits or in lieu of coming in for a treatment. It became our go-to option for patients that were on vacation, too sick to come to our office, or needed additional support to improve their healing trajectory. 

What we experienced exceeded our expectations and our patients were buying patches so fast they were flying off the shelves. We knew we were onto something and started sharing this technique with our colleagues and the rest is history!

The AcuPatching™ Practitioner Community was created to help you quickly integrate the patches into your practice, help you enhance your treatments, and earn another revenue stream that isn't dependent on seeing clients one-on-one or even in your clinic at all! 

Copy of Team

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do the patches work?

Yes they do!! 

There are almost 90 clinical research studies and hundreds of thousands of user testimonials. 

2. How do you order the patches?

The patches are made by a company called LifeWave®. You'll purchase the patches directly from LifeWave using Robin's special link that way she can support you as you integrate the patches into your clinic.

The patches come in sleeves which contain 30 individual patches. 

3. How do I get wholesale pricing?

To get wholesale pricing, you can sign up as a preferred customer (PC) for a $19 set up fee or as a wholesale distributor for a $25 set up fee on your first order. Then you'll pay the wholesale cost of the patches you order.  

Step-by-Step Ordering Instructions

5. What are the benefits of including phototherapy patches into my business?

  • Allows you to continue remote treatment as part of your telehealth consultation
  • Provides your client with an affordable home care or after hours support for their symptoms.
  • Gives you accelerated results as your client is able to continue balancing their meridians on a daily basis.
  • Provides you the opportunity to do group coaching and challenges with your clientele
  • Allows you to help people that may not ever come to you for acupuncture
  • Broaden your opportunity to serve.

6. Is this a networking marketing company? 

Yes, LifeWave is a network marketing company, which is brilliant because you can offer your patients a 90-day hassle-free money back guarantee. Have you ever been able to give a patient their money back if an herbal formula didn't work?  

👉 In addition LifeWave provide this amazing benefits to you as a distributor. They will:

  1. Set up a website for you where your patients can purchase the patches & you'll earn commissions
  2. Take care of payment processing, legal stuff, and customer support
  3. Provide an 90-day hassle-free money back guarantee on first retail customer orders
  4. Offer first wholesale orders a 30-day money-back guarantee
  5. Offer a Preferred Customer Program that gives patch lovers wholesale pricing, free samples, rewards, and other perks
  6. Have a generous compensation plan with four ways to earn
  7. You can build another revenue stream that's resonant with your practice

If you don't want to do the network marketing aspect, you simply sign up as a preferred customer by following the instructions on Robin's LifeWave website and you'll automatically get wholesale pricing on all your orders. Buy what you need and sell the sleeves in your clinic the way you would with any other herb or product.

7. Why join our AcuPatching™ Team and Downline?

  • Ongoing support by real acupuncturists who have paved the way for you.
  • Business and mindset training that will apply to your acupuncture practice
  • Weekly live training events where you can get your immediate questions answered
  • An active forum with tons of ideas and suggestions for patch usage (only available to distributors & preferred customers)
  • Educational resources and templates designed for acupuncturists to incorporate AcuPatching™ into their practice
  • No minimum to order or pressure to sell, simply use them to help your patients 
  • Done-for-you Group Programs that you can implement into your clinic today
  • Join the hottest, fasting growing team in the United States!

8. How do I Get Started?

Using the sign up form below, sign up for your 10-day free trial. Then Robin will help you order your patches. You can find her step by step video instructions here.

9. What if I don't like the patches?

LifeWave offers a risk-free trial on your first order of patches.

✓ 90 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for Retail & Preferred Customers

✓30 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for Distributors

Pediatric Healing Arts, Inc. © 2021

“AcuPatching™ has really changed my practice. I started playing around with patching in a very informal way. I never expected to dive in deeper, but I couldn't get over how powerfully the patches worked. I started by healing myself. My immune system is leaps and bounds stronger since beginning to use Glutathione patches on myself. From there, I branched out to try patches on other individuals and other conditions. They've continued to astound me, and because of that, I can't seem to keep them in stock! My clients love them. As a pediatric acupuncture specialist, they're easy to use with my pediatric clients. I mean - they're stickers! Who doesn't love stickers?! Additionally, the parents of the kids I treat often get patches for themselves. However, I spent several months (over a year) learning about the patches on my own before studying them through the AcuPatching community, and I cannot believe how many doors this community has opened for me. I now have support in case studies as I'm creating patching protocols. I've earned a greater income from the patches as I've learned more and more about them through the experience of so many practitioners. All of my questions about the company, my own patching business and my client's patching protocols are addressed either in the trainings or in the community forum. This has helped me to support my clients on a deeper level, which is the biggest reward in joining the AcuPatching™ community.”


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