Millions of children fall into the Unwellness Gap™.  Get the step-by-step program for healing these kids with Chinese Medicine.


What You'll Learn from Robin's Book

When children have a health issue like picky eating, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, asthma, or eczema, there isn't much Western medicine can do beyond manage the symptoms or prescribe medications.

Most of these children fall into, what I call, the unwellness gap™ because they aren’t totally sick and aren’t totally well either. 

That’s when you can turn to the 5-Element way.

In Heal Your Child from the Inside Out will learn how to determine a child’s 5-Element type within Traditional Chinese Medicine—Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water. This will lead you on a journey to create a custom healing program that works for each unique patient you treat.

Customized Parenting Advice

Have the parents  take fun questionnaires and quizzes, to gain an understand of their child’s Five Element type. Then you can help them personalize their parenting style to match their child’s unique emotional and physical needs.

Diagnose Imbalances that Cause Illness

Use the diagnostic quiz to help you diagnose elemental imbalances within the body that create health issues. The imbalances you find will direct you to the right healing modalities for each unique child.

Create a Custom Healing Program

You’ll be guided to choose the best nutrition, lifestyle choices, and healing modalities — such as acupressure, massage, and meditation — based on your patient's particular health goals.

Tips to Easily Improve Your Patient's Diet

Learn how to use the green-, yellow-, and red light categories to help improve your child’s diet and boost nutrition with simple switches they won’t even notice

Discover if Food Sensitivities are the root of the problem

Sometimes healing is as simple as eliminating certain foods. You’ll learn the most common foods children are sensitive to and how to test foods to see if they’re problematic.

Take Intro to 5-Element Pediatrics on ProD

Take Robin's Companion Course for Her Book Heal Your Child from the Inside Out.

Here's what you'll learn:

Drawing from the ancient wisdom of the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Robin Ray Green, a pediatric acupuncturist and herbalist with over a decade of clinical experience, offers simple solutions for creating a natural healing program for each unique child you treat.

This course will help you gain an understanding of the Five-Element types in children — whether it’s Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water—to allow you to diagnose imbalances within the body that create health issues. Once you’ve gained a solid understanding of the Five Elements and how health conditions are affected by elemental imbalances she’ll show you how to incorporate your own medicine wheel with techniques including acupressure, massage, dietary changes and meditation to help your pediatric patients achieve optimal health.