Pediatric Gua Sha for Allergies, Coughs & Colds with Video


Pediatric Gua Sha or Scraping Massage is one of my favorite techniques to use on kids ages 4 and up.  It's great for treating allergies, coughs, colds and fever and most kids respond really quickly when I use it in addition to a regular treatment.

Focus on the Upper Back

To treat these conditions focus the gua sha on the Urinary Bladder Channel along the upper back.  In younger children, I use a homemade Whipped Body Butter from a recipe on   Kid's LOVE it because it smells like chocolate.  Almond or jojoba oil work really well, too. In older kids I often use Po Sum On Oil - just check to make sure they're ok with a little tingle on their skin.

Gua sha tools are available at most acupuncture suppliers.  The heart-shaped jade tool in the video is available at Lhasa OMS.  I gave these out last year as fun little holiday gifts and they went over really well.

Here are Some Quick Tips for Doing Gua Sha on kids:

  • Use a firm but gentle pressure
  • Check in to see how the pressure is
  • Watch body language - if they squirm the pressure is probably too hard
  • Change sides periodically so one side doesn't get sore
  • Aim for turning the skin pink
  • Kids won't necessary have any petechia (unlike adults)

Watch the Video Below for a Pediatric Gua Sha Demonstration

Pediatric Gua Sha or Scraping Massage from Robin Green on Vimeo.

Gua sha can easily be taught to parents for home care when their child is sick or suffering from a cold or allergies.  If you'd like to share this technique with your patients and their parents Click Here to visit where I have an instructional blog post about doing gua aha at home.


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By A Review of 2015 and Our Most Popular Blog Posts - Acupuncture Pediatrics on Mon, Dec 28, 15 at 23:06
Is there a reason not to do guasha with kids under 4?
By Ashley Flores on Mon, Oct 10, 16 at 17:14
Hi Ashley, It's a more stimulating technique, which is why it is used in children that are a little older. For children under 4, it's better to use Tuina massage instead. Best, Robin's Team
By Deanna Buoniconti on Mon, Oct 24, 16 at 17:17

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