VIDEO: Healing Nature Deficit Disorder in Kids with Sean Guinan

  Show Notes: Q: What is Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD)? A:  There are a constellation of symptoms that occur when children and adults are removed from nature.  It can manifest as physical, mental, behavioral, emotional, or spiritual issues. Children are affected more so than adults and when deprived of nature throughout childhood it can affect […]

VIDEO: The Truth About Herb Safety for Kids with Cara Frank

  Video Notes: Q: How do we know the herbs we are giving our kids are safe? A: We only purchase from companies who test for bacteria, pesticides and metals, molds fungus, etc. We also do a visual ID and make sure they are good quality and we purchase organic when available. Q: How can […]

Reigniting the Passion & My 1st Virtual Mentoring Circle

Last week I returned from the Integrative Fertility Symposium (IFS) in Vancouver, BC where I was one of the speakers! It is so awesome that IFS is now including a new pediatric tract and even more awesome that so many acupuncturists were interested! David Miller, Efrem Korngold, and Stephen Cowan also presented on topics ranging from the Triple […]

Clear Home Clear Heart

Every once in awhile a book comes along that I just have to share with everyone I know. This time it’s a book on five element energy clearing called Clear Home Clear Heart by my friend Jean Haner. Learning how to do five element energy clearing has had a huge impact on my personal and […]

The Five Element Parenting Class

Join Robin as she explores how parents can overcome common parenting challenges using the ancient wisdom of the 5-Elements and Get 1.5 CEUs (Approved in California)! At this webinar you’ll learn: Find your own unique parenting style and step out of the “one-size-fits-all” parenting trap How to parent in a way that creates a foundation […]

5 Ways to Heal Nature Deficit Disorder in Children By Sean Guinan, L.Ac., MTCM

By Sean Guinan, L.Ac., MTCM Pediatric Acupuncturist | Educator | Speaker Children thrive when they’re in contact with nature. Their bodies become stronger, their minds calmer, and their spirits brighter. Unfortunately for modern children, outdoor unstructured free play is becoming a thing of the past. Today, children spend 90% of their time indoors. Worse yet, […]

Acupuncture Protocol for Healing Concussion by Judith Miller and Ruth McCarty

By Judith Miller, MAOM, L.Ac and Ruth McCarty, MS, L.Ac In the last 6 months acupuncture has gained national attention since the recent release of Will Smith’s movie, Concussion, and when several pro NFL athletes shared their success stories using acupuncture after suffering sidelining blows to the head. However, concussions are not just occurring among pro athletes, […]