Why I created AcupuncturePediatrics.com

I enjoy seeing kids in my practice and love keeping them healthy.  When I first began working with kids I took several pediatric acupuncture courses that focused on theory and treatment of common pediatric health conditions.  The knowledge was fantastic, but I  felt I needed more practice to be confident in treating children. One day during a “hands on” seminar several things clicked that improved my skills while also improving the techniques I used in treating children.  Having a senior practitioner guide me through the physical examination and treatment of a child was a watershed moment for me. I’ve been working with kids for over eight years and I want to share with you the things that have worked for me in my clinic, which is why I have created this website to provide tools, information, resources and mentoring for other TCM practitioners all in one place. My goal is to increase your confidence in treating children, whether you use these tools to treat your own kids or as a basis for seeing more children in your practice. I want to create a positive and supportive community of acupuncturists in an online place without relying on Google, Yahoo or Facebook (and their ever changing terms of service and privacy settings). The member’s area gives us a safe and secure space to meet, share ideas, get support on difficult cases, find referrals and much, much more! I hope you’ll sign up and join us there. There is no charge for this using this area.

Children aren’t just mini-adults but have special needs that require a different approach for successful treatment. I believe the need for acupuncture pediatrics is more important than ever before, especially since more kids suffer from chronic issues than ever before. TCM offers safe, effective solutions for problems like asthma, eczema, ear infections, low immunity, ADD, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, autism, and allergies. TCM can offer solutions that work with a child’s body to stimulate healing and make the body stronger. I would love to have more practitioners treating kids in their practice since I have seen TCM provide life changing moments for kids with chronic illness.

How I got Started  in Pediatrics

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Me & My Two Inspirations

I earned my Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California and passed the California State Board Exam in 2003. I have been practicing in Morgan Hill, California ever since. The funny things is that I had zero interest in seeing kids when I graduated.  I planned on pursuing acupuncture orthopedics and getting into sports medicine. However, my plans abruptly changed when my first-born son got eczema starting at 3 months old. Initially I was assured by his pediatrician that his eczema was common and most likely he would eventually outgrow it.  By the time he was 9 months old it spread to his limbs, bottom and back so we were referred to a dermatologist and an allergist. The advice we were given was to put chlorine bleach in his nightly bath (no lie) and rub Elidel cream (a possible carcinogen) on the widespread areas with eczema.  We were also told by the allergist that foods could not have been triggering the problem either.

After trying conventional treatments and getting no results, I made it my mission to get the knowledge I needed to heal my son. There is no one more determined than a mama lion protecting her cub! I started my training in 2005 with the very first holistic pediatrics course that was offered at the CSOMA conference and continued to do almost all the training the Holistic Pediatrics Association offered (as it existed at the time). With everything I learned I created a healing program for my son with dietary changes (eliminating eggs, gluten & dairy), herbal medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture. I saw tremendous improvement in my son’s skin! I shared my son’s story with patients who had children and they wanted me to treat their kids, too. I began treating more and more kids and I realized how much I loved working with them…and I enjoy sharing this passion with others!